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a metal cap or band placed on a wooden pole to prevent splitting


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Amherst O'Ferrel (always shown as Ferrel after arriving in Canada in 1797) appears in the Muster Roll of the Albany County Militia, Thirteenth Regiment.
The 28-year-old Ferrel told ESPN that when Mexico were still in it, they got lots of requests for them and they were getting lots of requests for Neymar and Lionel Messi.
Ferrel - Michelle Ellis and Albert Ferrel, of Eugene, a son.
Teams include John Bishop, Olly Murs, Will Ferrel, Mike Myers, Roy Keane and James McAvoy.
Recently, a Nike soccer advertisement featuring the Elvis ditty "A Little Less Conversation" struck a chord with the 18-to-34 demographic in Britain, a sign that the company's strategy to reach out to younger consumers is working, Ferrel said.
This is why Kathy Ferrel and staff nurses like her are my 'unsung heroes'.
Williamson of Leicester, MA; three daughters, Mary Ellen Ferrel and her husband, Michael of Longmeadow, MA, Rebecca A.
STARS: Will Ferrel, John C Reily, Mary Steenburgen.
Sadie Ferrel can still remember when her hobby as a waitress changed into her career.
Will Ferrel as an IRS auditor who suddenly finds himself the subject of narration only he can hear.
property leased by the state Department of Human Services from Juston and Maebelle Minick, Chris and Melissa Minick and Ferrel and Jane Minick.
25-27, 2007: Midwest Writing Centers Conference, in Kansas City, MO Contact: Thomas Ferrel at ferrelt@umkc.
Ferrel Guillory, a co-worker and now a journalism professor at UNC Chapel Hill, recalls Mr.
Kidman as Samantha with her Aunt Clara; Kidman is enchanting as Isabel; MacLaine excels as hammy Endora; Ferrel and Kidman as the magical on-screen couple
We've got a real gift here," adds Eric Ferrel, recreation technician for the USFS.