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a metal cap or band placed on a wooden pole to prevent splitting


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We met Computers 2 San Diego Kids a few years back and have been looking forward to the opportunity to support them," said Sean Ferrel, president of Managed Solution.
Coca-cola agreed to use its name for glassware, radios, trucks and clothing (Pride and Ferrel, 1991), Walt Disney's The Lion King licensed to more than 5000 different products in eighty different countries (Miller, 1994: 14).
Amherst O'Ferrel (always shown as Ferrel after arriving in Canada in 1797) appears in the Muster Roll of the Albany County Militia, Thirteenth Regiment.
The 28-year-old Ferrel told ESPN that when Mexico were still in it, they got lots of requests for them and they were getting lots of requests for Neymar and Lionel Messi.
answers NAME THE YEAR: 1953 WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Owen Wilson; Thomas Edward; Nose; 1907 | | | REMEMBER WHEN: 1949 WORDWISE: A WHO AM I: Will Ferrel
6 THE OTHER GUYS (2010) HOT-headed detective Mark Wahlberg is partnered with mild mannered cop Will Ferrel in this parody of cop-buddy thrillers.
Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow and Will Ferrel star in a video released by Demand a Plan, which is calling for the end of gun violence.
You can understand the Obama campaign's ambiguity," said Ferrel Guillory, an expert on Southern politics at the University of North Carolina.
America's Next Top Model stars Kayla Ferrel and Keenyah Hill have worn Rashid's pieces--Hill posed most recently for the 2012 collection.
Ferrel - Michelle Ellis and Albert Ferrel, of Eugene, a son.
Teams include John Bishop, Olly Murs, Will Ferrel, Mike Myers, Roy Keane and James McAvoy.
The cell in between is called a Ferrel cell or a mid-latitude cell.
Recently, a Nike soccer advertisement featuring the Elvis ditty "A Little Less Conversation" struck a chord with the 18-to-34 demographic in Britain, a sign that the company's strategy to reach out to younger consumers is working, Ferrel said.
This is why Kathy Ferrel and staff nurses like her are my 'unsung heroes'.
John Ferrel, director general de Google Mexico, destaco: "Sin duda, Mexico es un mercado con gran potencial para el comercio electronico, solo falta un poco para que despegue la tecnologia.