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Synonyms for ferociousness

exceptionally great concentration, power, or force, especially in activity

Synonyms for ferociousness

the trait of extreme cruelty

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Baldwin noted in 2011 that the ferociousness of the campaign process and his potential rivals had turned him off to the idea in the past.
But the sheer ferociousness of the battle attracts people.
He's visited the upscale club, giving the entertainers a chance to admire his chiseled 6'1", 180-pound frame and gentle demeanor that belies his ferociousness in the ring.
Even in padded suits, trainers are left bruised by the ferociousness of a bite.
I settled myself on the couch with my baby clinging to me with a ferociousness that let me know I have put her down and walked away one too many times in the last couple of days.
But the ferociousness of the bombardment of Sirte and the burning of homes that belong to Gadhafi family members and supporters has raised suspicions that some fighters loyal to the NTC are looking for reprisals.
As a result, mere anecdote is discounted, especially when someone uses it to rebut the conclusion of a scientific study, as when a New Englander cites the ferociousness of the last three winters to question the claim of global warming.
NERVOUS Well, tomorrow he'll have the chance to gorge himself senseless as Glasgow's two tribes come together for the first time this season amidst all the usual ferociousness.
Earlier they used to damage pipes or drains but off late we can see that their ferociousness has considerably increased as they have now started attacking people.
That's not to say one should go overboard with the ferociousness.
Perhaps faith in the fight on this eschatological scale suffers from a problematic hermeneutic, but we must remember the global ferociousness of the war's twentieth-century technology facing nineteenth-century tactics.
In wars where policy essentially becomes a struggle for existence, those extraneous forces inhibiting violence are seldom marginalized, and only the friction inherent in war can serve to limit its ferociousness.
Yousif August 4, 2010 -- In the "The Fifth Element" Movie, there is a scene in which the Alien women saw humanity past history in an advanced system of history previews and she weep ferociousness about past human cruelty.
Many chapters later we are introduced to Nina's Uncle Gordon, a weak planter who oscillates between extreme lenience toward his slaves and an angry ferociousness when pushed by circumstances (or his wife).
Violet (played with a ferociousness by 81-year-old Estelle Parsons) then comes stumbling down the stairs in a stupor, but when she suddenly comes to life she erupts like a possessed Linda Blair in "The Exorcist.