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Synonyms for fernlike

resembling ferns especially in leaf shape


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Frequently referred to as the "killer alga," Caulerpa taxifolia is a bright-green, tropical seaweed with fernlike fronds.
Ruby Lace is an American introduction with dainty fernlike foliage that is bright, ruby-red at first, turning bronze-green with maturity.
The fernlike pattern on his back, caused by damaged capillaries beneath the skin, traces the path where he was struck.
On the same line in Table 2 is indicated the coexistence of 118 Fernlike Dendritic Crystals (P1f) corresponding to 26.
These burns appear as fernlike patterns on the skin and do not usually require therapy.
I could easily imagine dinosaurs nibbling the delicate fernlike foliage or scratching their sides along the trunk.
To gauge water stress, growers can sample a few of carrots' fernlike leaves with a standard, tabletop instrument known as a pressure bomb.
Let the tips leaf out into pretty fernlike foliage this spring.
Then, within 15 minutes, it lifted its fernlike branches and opened its leaves.
A ADRIENNE SAYS This is a lovely golden-leaved form of the honey locust tree which produces fernlike golden leaves in spring that later turn pale green.
an underground stem, fernlike leaves with prominent midribs on the
Asparagus produces two types of growth: the spears that you see on your dinner plate and frizzy, fernlike shoots.