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Synonyms for fernlike

resembling ferns especially in leaf shape


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He also loves black chervil (for its fernlike silhouette), as well as blueberry flowers and true geraniums.
PTERIDOPTEROID a coined word meaning 'both fernlike and winglike' (pterido- + pteroid).
By mid June it will be over and the stumpy spears will be left to grow into their fernlike fonds.
Fern Test: If the cervical mucus extracted from Vagina is seen under microscope it forms a fernlike pattern and therefore it is called Fern Test.
A bed of fernlike carrots surrounded by dwarf nasturtiums
Its leaves are not fernlike, as are hemlock leaves; rather, they superficially resemble marijuana leaves.
White to colorless, translucent to transparent, flattened rhombohedral crystals of calcite to 3 cm form floater groups heavily coated and/or included by bright yellow-green, fernlike growths of mottramite crystals.
The dark green fernlike seedlings pop up against cinder block walls, in planters, against house and building foundations and in cracks in the sidewalks.
EXPERT TIP: As well as red, orange and yellow-berried varieties, the sorbus family also offers varieties with white berries, often tinted pink, as in the tree sorbus cashmiriana, which has fernlike foliage that turns red in autumn.
Manipulating the skin folds is important, since they may obscure fissures and erosions, the fernlike patches of lichen planus, or scarring.
Tall grass known as miscanthus and gulfstream nandina, a member of the bamboo family with fernlike leaves, add texture to the scenery.
Two types of marigolds--Lemon Gem and Tangerine Gem (Tagetes tenuifolia)--with their fernlike foliage, are the only edible marigolds.
Frequently referred to as the "killer alga," Caulerpa taxifolia is a bright-green, tropical seaweed with fernlike fronds.
There may be painless white streaks in a lacy or fernlike pattern on the oral mucosa, painful and persistent ulcers (erosive lichen planus), or diffuse redness and peeling of the gums.
Ruby Lace is an American introduction with dainty fernlike foliage that is bright, ruby-red at first, turning bronze-green with maturity.