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any of numerous flowerless and seedless vascular plants having true roots from a rhizome and fronds that uncurl upward

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So gloomy, cold, and wet was every part, that not even the fungi, mosses, or ferns could flourish.
Stately trees of many kinds, with smooth and highly coloured barks, are loaded by parasitical monocotyledonous plants; large and elegant ferns are numerous, and arborescent grasses entwine the trees into one entangled mass to the height of thirty or forty feet above the ground.
I am very much indebted to you for your courtesy in the matter of the man William Fern, of whom, I regret to add, I can say nothing favourable.
Trotty's occupation was, to see Will Fern and Lilian eat and drink; and so was Meg's.
The boar thrust the ferns aside and stepped into the open.
At any rate it was a call, for it was followed by the rushing of bodies through the ferns and brush from all directions.
Velvety moss was everywhere, out of which grew maiden-hair and gold-back ferns.
At last he was done, and, having first wiped his greasy hands upon the ferns and wild thyme
And then, all of a sudden, a little way up the ferny grassy hillside, I caught sight of the end of a book half hidden among the ferns.
Maxine said Fern, now about six weeks old, is starting to explore the garden, but is still quite timid.
Pockets left between logs can be filled with a range of ferns, including the luxuriant soft shield fern.
But it wasn't the first time Fern had made two penalty saves in a match.
The Fern Hotels & Resorts recreates the magic of this unique blend of food, culture and ambience in all our properties across India.
Fern is part of a bowling dynasty, featuring her grandmother Freda, a former county bowler, and brother Matthew, a former junior county bowler.
Witnessing the efforts done by these public servants, FERN, Inc.