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a process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances

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The proteolysis that occurs in fermenting milk results in a higher content of peptides and free amino acids, especially cystine, histidine, and asparagine, which play various roles in health, and produce a more digestible food than milk per se [22].
In spite of this, some winemakers are experimenting with fermenting red wines in barrels for the same reasons they do for white wines: flavor, texture and complexity, not to ignore bragging rights.
Furthermore, it may be the differences in the natural environment of the location of samples, including soil quality and fermentation conditions (including fermenting bodies).
Fermenting feed for your flock is actually very easy, and the benefits range from increased egg production in winter to lower feed consumption.
Fermented Vegetables: Creative Recipes for Fermenting 64 Vegetables & Herbs covers not just the usual pickles and krauts, but chutneys, relishes, pastes, kimchis, and more.
They added that the findings should also prompt further tests of the "drunken monkey hypothesis", which proposes that human attraction to alcohol may derive from dependence of primate ancestors on ripe and fermenting fruit.
The family has made its own yogurt, butter, and ricotta cheese, and now hopes to venture more into the fermenting world, Reckling said, largely because of the health benefits that are believed to come from eating the bacteria that live in fermented foods and drinks.
FERMENTED FOODS FOR HEALTH covers the basics of fermenting foods at home and comes from a holistic practitioner who lends her nutrition background to discussions of how to use the medicinal properties of fermented foods.
Katz, a self-taught fermentation expert acclaimed by Michael Pollan, offers a comprehensive and largely practical guide to fermenting food for the sake of preserving it or producing alcohol.
Biochemist Mate Hidvegi developed Avemar by fermenting the nutrient-rich germ of the wheat berry with the yeast Saccharomyces cervisiae for 18 hours at 30 [degrees]C.
cerevisiae by both the API and SIM procedures could ferment sucrose and raffinose in addition to fermenting glucose and galactose.
Effects of moisture control and fermentation methods on chemical composition and digestibility when fermenting food waste for an animal feed.
The viscosity, pH value, sensory quality, total plate count and the microbial load of the fermenting and spoiling "Kunu - Zaki" samples were determined with respect to time.