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Synonyms for ferment

Synonyms for ferment

to be in a state of emotional or mental turmoil

an agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development, or change

a state of uneasiness and usually resentment brewing to an eventual explosion

Synonyms for ferment

a state of agitation or turbulent change or development

a substance capable of bringing about fermentation

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a process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances

be in an agitated or excited state

Related Words

work up into agitation or excitement

cause to undergo fermentation

go sour or spoil

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If you have type-2 diabetes, you may want to include vinegar or fermented foods in your diet--especially at meals when you're eating foods higher on the glycemic index.
A total of 93 and 13 strains of yeasts were picked from the non-fermented and fermented TMR during the process of aerobic deterioration, respectively.
In their book, the Shockeys recommend saving the fermented brine drained from kimchi and other vegetables.
Eating a diet rich with fermented food, or "good" bacteria, can improve digestion that can lead to a strong immune system, she said.
At a time when we have a lot of other evidence that consuming high amounts of certain foods, such as added sugars and sugary drinks, is bad for our health, it is very reassuring to have messages about other foods like yoghurt and low-fat fermented dairy products that could be good for ealth," said Forouhi.
Fermented dairy products may have beneficial effects against diabetes through probiotic bacteria and a special form of vitamin K (part of the menaquinone family) associated with fermentation.
The product is designed to cope with the particular needs of dairy manufacturers who, despite the challenges of cold-chain logistics, cannot afford to risk their brand image to product failure by controlling a wider range of difficult fungal contaminants, in particular spoilage yeast isolated from fermented dairy products.
Theeshan Bahorun, at the Center of Excellence for Biomedical and Biomaterials Research at the Mauritius University, said that the Mauritius green tea prevents an increase of sugar levels in blood while the fermented pawpaw helps to positively reduce the level of the reactive protein C and the uric acid, China Daily reported.
Beekeepers and vintners are rediscovering mead, an alcoholic drink made of fermented honey and water.
Ciders, perries (fermented from pears), and fermented fruit blends of all kinds are proving popular with consumers.
The substrates used were: top soil (M1), river sand (M2), fermented sawdust (M3), oil palm fruit fiber-OPFF (M4), mixture of topsoil and fermented sawdust (M5), mixture of OPFF and fermented sawdust (M6) and mixture of river sand and fermented sawdust (M7).
The Lorena plant, which has so far produced "Yakult" fermented milk products and juice, will thus cover a full lineup of the company's beverage and yogurt products for the Brazilian market.
Handbook of animal-based fermented food and beverage technology, 2d ed.
Could the fermented wheat germ extract Avemar prevent cancer cachexia, as Thomas Mueller and Wieland Voigt suggest in their review article for Nutrition Journal?