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Synonyms for ferment

Synonyms for ferment

to be in a state of emotional or mental turmoil

an agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development, or change

a state of uneasiness and usually resentment brewing to an eventual explosion

Synonyms for ferment

a state of agitation or turbulent change or development

a substance capable of bringing about fermentation

Related Words

a process in which an agent causes an organic substance to break down into simpler substances

be in an agitated or excited state

Related Words

work up into agitation or excitement

cause to undergo fermentation

go sour or spoil

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That gives you 80% fermentability, a cool temperature mash for a couple of weeks.
Yield, chemical composition, and ruminal fermentability of corn whole plant, ear, and stover as affected by hybrid.
A previous study conducted in our lab found that molasses and microbial inoculants could improve the fermentability and silage quality of SMS (Kwak et al.
Molasses and microbial inoculants improve fermentability and silage quality of cotton waste-based spent mushroom substrate.
The influence of concentrate on fiber digestion and roughage utilization depends also on composition and ruminal fermentability of concentrate feed in the diet (Choi et al.
Effects of forage particle size, forage source, and grain fermentability on performance and ruminal pH in midlactation cows.
5, 50, 500, and 5,000 mg/L) of some EO including eugenol, thymol, guaiacol, limonene, and vanillin; and the increased pH with 500 mg/L of thymol was consisted with a depression in total VFA concentration, reflecting a reduction in diet fermentability because of antimicrobial activity of thymol.
The variations in propionate concentrations and acetate to propionate ratio indicates a shift in ruminal fermentation pattern consistent with starch fermentability of the diets, and in accordance with the tendency toward a decrease in milk fat percentage or yield in our study.
In vitro ruminal fluid fermentability of mucuna pruriens, mucuna Ldopa and soybean meal incubated with or without L-dopa.
Fermentability of corn-lablab bean mixtures from different planting densities.