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a musical notation (over a note or chord or rest) that indicates it is to be prolonged by an unspecified amount

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(music) a prolongation of unspecified length on a note or chord or rest

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These isolated and sequentially labeled passages, which correspond in order with the fermatas indicated by Strauss, address a wealth of piano-technical issues that were meant to showcase the prowess of Wittgenstein's left hand.
The songs' shared meter and tempo facilitate these melodic connections, and the placement of the second allusion at the point of rounding in the binary form after a preparatory half cadence and fermata makes it especially prominent.
Included are the signs and starting pitches for the modal signatures, rules for the combination of signs, a combination table, interval signs, rhythmical signs (with the exception of the apoderma which has been interpreted as a fermata but has now been included under the Hypostaseis), and group and phrasing signs.
All this is accompanied by a slowly changing deep fermata providing an experience similar to that offered by the Dutch duo.
German keyboard methods of this century included chapters on counterpoint, harmony, figured bass, free improvisation, accompaniment, the art of ornamentation, cadences and improvisation of fermatas.
The opening meditation features very slow, sustained rubato melodies to be played expressively, with frequent rests marked with fermatas framing each melodic idea.
On the other hand, the very common practice of changing meters in Greek folk music is daringly employed to delineate sections, establish hypermeters or introduce phrase-length irregularities, such as contractions or written-in fermatas.
Unlike the lyrical settings of the earlier time, this one uses fermatas on the final note of every phrase.
Based on a hexachord, presented at the top of the score, "Jack Rabbit," from Youth's Companion by Ross Lee Finney, poses several challenges for the late-intermediate pianist, including exposed dissonances, angular phrases and unexpected rests and fermatas that depict the jackrabbit leaping and hovering on the North Dakota prairie.
These alterations include appended ornaments (thus changing the rhythm) and fermatas ("Die bose Farbe"), as well as varied tempos and dynamics ("Pause").
Bach's fermatas and the symmetrical variation groupings they produce, have profound implications with respect to tempo relationships, as well as the amount of pause and ritardandos taken between each variation.
One gets the feeling that Beethoven just could not resist breathing fun and joy into these litHe sets of variations, and abundant fermatas, ornamental flourishes, sforzandi, key changes, flirtatious harmonizations, long-held trills, mockpathetic passages, and other stock items from Beethoven's stylistic arsenal keep delighting the ear.
The rests, fermatas and sudden dynamic changes help to provide an element of surprise.
In addition to the expected comments about rests, fermatas, and so on, Drake widens the discussion profoundly: "Listening to silence means listening to one's own playing -- precise pedaling, an appropriate tempo, the separateness of each note within a chord, and sensitivity for nuance within a melodic line.
In his chapter on "Preparing the Score," Weisberg examines the beginning of Ludwig van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony in a way few conductors would dare -- by tearing apart most traditional methods of conducting that famous technical snare, then showing how the fermatas can be released without excessive rests.