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a musical notation (over a note or chord or rest) that indicates it is to be prolonged by an unspecified amount

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(music) a prolongation of unspecified length on a note or chord or rest

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He also utilizes a fermata just before a key change to emphasize a new energy or thought.
17 October 2017 - US-based licensed sports merchandise company Fanatics has acquired the collegiate licensing services practice of Atlanta-based Fermata Partners from Creative Artists Agency's CAA Sports division, the company said.
Questo sentimento di "cristallizzazione amorosa", spuntato nei mesi del confino, non solo e fondamento psico-morale per la scrittura del Cristo si e fermata a Eboli, ma piu in generale diviene la forma attraverso cui Levi guarda alla realta e ne connota i significati piu veri.
The two-octave passage labeled C, presents a florid mixture of ascending and descending intervals, all anchored by a bass pedal, and rapid arpeggiation, drafted under the heading D, races towards a fermata climax.
SAC Chambers Singers and the all-male a cappella group, Fermata Nowhere.
But now, instead of flipping open his laptop in the middle of the night to write, impatiently waiting out the reverberating, synthetic fermata as the machine loaded, he researched public schools.
Summary of Koch's Ideason First-Movement Form (14) Main 1 2 3 Period: Solo Si S3 Free sections: Solo Flourish Orchestral Ri R2 R3 Fermata R4 Ritornellos: Mozart, r.
Ted Lee Eubanks is the founder and CEO of Fermata Inc.
Later efforts include Vox (1992), The Fermata (1994), and The Anthologist (2009).
To cement that new meaning, McCornack added a fermata, a musical pause, after the line "our flag was still there.
The ellipsis before the repetition of"old bore" has the effect of creating a false tension of expectancy, for it invites the reader to drag the rhythm as, in music, a fermata suspends the pulse of a melody at the executant's whim.
And when she came to it, she wanted to hold this note like a fermata , and I presume that when they rehearsed it, when they did it in other circumstances, she was supposed just to pass this note and go down.
I tell my students to think of a suspension as a musical fermata or an ellipsis at the end of a sentence, never a period.
Brother Ray, remind me that Jesus made you Keys of pearl and strings of the finest substance Ever known, that now you compose and play pitch- Perfect arrangements; Tell me how the riffs you let rip on earth are Nothing next to heavenly scales, how music Sounds to someone who is at last no longer Paying the piper; Tell me, Brother Ray, how the smallest details Matter, how eternal fermata ring out, How the blessed, celestial chanters sing in Praise of the grace notes.
The Littluns and the Book of Darkness will entertain audiences of all ages with its fast paced, intriguing storyline and elaborate illustrated life of the Littluns world in the Hollow Hills of the land, Terra Fermata.