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low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation

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Fenland District Council proposed a policy under which "intimate behaviour during work time" could be classed as gross misconduct and lead to disciplinary action.
Rise and fall: the deposition of Bronze Age metalwork in the Thames Valley and the Fenland, in A.
And to add to a successful meeting at the Fenland course Stead, a student at King James's High School in Almondbury, was also runner-up on his 100cc grasstrack bike, missing out on first place in the section by just one point.
Diggers and dumpers have moved on to Cors Erddreiniog National Nature Reserve on Anglesey as part of Europe's largest fenland restoration project
Cambridgeshire County Council is looking for a provider to administer the Healthy Fenland Fund, which aims to support improvements in health and well being through the use of a community assets approach to strengthen communities and build their resilience.
The well-capitalised and integrated renewables business led the development of both the Fenland Farm and the Green End project.
Hopton rider Sam Stead (centre) on the podium after winning the motocross 85cc section at the Fenland Grassroots Championship
2013 has been a great year for UK registrations, with seven regional products including Fenland Celery, Stornoway Black Pudding and Lakeland Herdwick added to the EU's growing PFN register.
Planks cut from the Fenland Black Oak, or bog oak trunk will be dried over seven months in a specialist kiln.
Leminar Air Conditioning Industries, the UAE based HVAC firm, and the UK's Galloway Group, have highlighted the Galloway Fenland fire duct system's success in the UAE, following a seminar held to discuss and highlight its suitability for the region.
The palaeochannel was also subject to metalwork deposition and taken in conjunction with the nearby Flag Fen excavations attests to Fenland region's significance in the Bronze Age.
Lincolnshire Police said a "significant number" of officers were at the property in Sutton St James, Fenland, including armed police and specially trained negotiators.
That game drew a crowd of 548 to the Fenland Stadium.
Larham will be settling into the newly-renovated flat at the Elgoods Fenland Stadium in Cambridgeshire over the next fortnight.
Staff at Fenland District Council, which is based in March, Cambridgeshire, must declare any "close personal relationship" with a colleague to their manager "in writing", under a proposed new policy.