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rules in Chinese philosophy that govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy (qi)

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Elements of Design: 87 percent of Chinese-Americans have essential feng shui elements they desire for their kitchen, including it being organized and free of clutter (64%), its colors complementing each other (32%) and the kitchen stove not being directly below the master bedroom (29%).
When they met with their advisory team, Brian and Susan Hina said, “We attribute our 2014 success to six factors - and Feng Shui is one of them.
Railway minister Liu Zhijun, who was in charge of constructing the world's largest high-speed rail network through the country, reportedly consulted a feng shui master when deciding when to begin major phases of the project.
In general, feng shui is the concept that there are cosmic forces -- channeled in elements such as water, fire and earth -- that when balanced promote health and a better life.
I have met people before who claim they are good at advising on the subject because their great, great grandfather was a feng shui master.
And though our work spaces will differ, the principals of Feng Shui remain the same.
Victoria has used and uses feng shui," said the couple's spokesman.
Feng Shui is the practice of influencing the interaction of energy naturally present in your home with your own energy, creating harmony, prosperity and enhancing the quality of life.
When homes are done to feng shui, we have more peace and harmony in our lives," Lynn says.
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese science of determining the movement of energy around landscapes based on the principles of the five elements.
Natural ingredients in Feng Shui Coffee, such as green tea, gingko and ginseng have long been known for their health benefits that include high antioxidant contents and mind/body performance enhancements among others.
Deana Wyland-Fries, an accredited teacher from the Imperial School of Feng Shui in London and a highly acclaimed Feng Shui consultant who studied under the Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, aims to demystify the ancient art for the region's design professionals.
Summary: Learn about the most pure and ancient form of Feng Shui known as Chue Style Yuen Hom in a two-day workshop facilitated by Deana Wyland-Fries at The Monarch Dubai on 23/24 November.
If you're looking for some equilibrium in life, then dabbling in a little Feng Shui, could be just what you need.