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of or relating to or having a fenestra

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The contact between the Fenestral and Breccia Lithofacies is interpreted as a subaerial exposure surface based upon the rootlets in the underlying Fenestral Lithofacies and the irregular form of the surface.
Fenestral otoscierosis is the more common type, and it is thought to begin in the fissula ante fenestram (anterior oval window margin).
Despite their differences, osteogenesis imperfecta and cochlear otosclerosis are similar on computed tomography with respect to both fenestral and cochlear manifestations (figure).
Fenestral otospongiosis describes disease affecting the oval window which produces CHL.
The abundanc of micrite matrix, lack of fossils, presence of evaporate deposits and fenestral porosity indicates the facies the formed in the tidalflat environment [13].