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a small opening covered with membrane (especially one in the bone between the middle and inner ear)

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At launch, the portal will include two existing JetAdvantage On Demand apps, JetAdvantage Private Print and JetAdvantage Insights, along with new apps from HP and Fenestrae.
The species possesses fenestrae until the fourth ceratobranchial, and the fifth ceratobranchial is morphologically distinct.
Therefore, the skull development of the American Mabuya presents differences with Trachylepis capensis in the development of pila antotica, the differentiation of the orbitosphenoid, the closure of pituitary and basicranial fenestrae, the ossification of parietal, and the development of vomer.
McCuskey, "The liver sieve: considerations concerning the structure and function of endothelial fenestrae, the sinusoidal wall and the space of Disse," Hepatology, vol.
Fenestrae, founded in 1990, is a global provider of innovative solutions that help organizations improve agility and reduce costs by eliminating paper from key business processes.
These lipoproteins which adsorb endotoxins, when small enough pass through the fenestrae (Figure 1) to contact hepatocytes.
Darragh's experience spans 17 years in the technology industry, bringing a wealth of expertise to the position gained from a number of senior roles within international software companies; including BMC Software, SAP, Computer Associates, Network Associates and Fenestrae.
in contact with preopercle), the presence of four small fenestrae in the infero-lateral bone dentary (vs.
Supporting partners Microsoft named yesterday include: Akonix Systems, Applied Messaging, AtHoc, FaceTime, Fenestrae, IM-Age Software, IMlogic, MessageCast, the Mesa Group and Vayusphere.
The endothelium lines the capillary lumen and contains many pores, or fenestrae, that favor the filtration of fluid and small solutes.
Fenestrae has launched Fenestrae Enterprise Mobility Server (EMS) Office 1.
5 shipping now from Fenestrae (C)1995-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
5 shipping now from Fenestrae (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.