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a small opening covered with membrane (especially one in the bone between the middle and inner ear)

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Mandible: unique shape and position of fenestra mandibulae; hemispherical articular fossa.
a) lateral view of tegumen, saccus, uncus, gnathos and valve; b) opposite view of right valve; c) dorsal view of tegumen, fenestra and uncus; d) posterior view of fultura inferior; e) lateral (above), ventral (middle) and dorsal (below) views of aedeagus.
When he is despatched to the High Councillor's lodgings to unblock the drains, he accidentally overhears the conversation between Fenestra and Grasp.
Where would you find the fenestra in the human body?
Ed e Petrarca ad offrire un'ulteriore immagine, con la canzone Standomi un giorno solo a la fenestra, dalla quale e tratta la citazione presente nel titolo del libro ("aprir vidi uno speco", appunto).
A new clinical trial performed by Fenestra Research Labs indicates that Lily of the Desert aloe enhanced with Aloesorb significantly improves vitamin C absorption, immune function, oxidative stress levels and detoxification.
Of these, nine were too inconsistent within species to be useful: Shape of the lateral margin of the ectethmoid plate, size of the supraotic fenestra, relative lengths of the metatarsal trochleae, shape of the maxillopalatine bones, shape of the internal (= medial) process of the mandible, presence and nature of the Pocock foramina (Pocock 1966), the degree of the distal bend of the tarsometatarsus, degree of the medial curve of the rostral palatine, and presence and shape of a manubrium-sternum bridge.
elarus Ross (c) 1 Family Psychomyiidae 1338 Lype diversa (Banks) 314 Psychomyia flavida Hagen 236 Family Rhyacophilidae 987 Rhyacophila fenestra Ross 394 R.
Alerion Biomedical develops and manufactures biomarkers and contrast media for preclinical and clinical imaging systems, including the Fenestra product line for multiple imaging modalities.
McCoy was involved in another close finish an hour later but this time he came out victorious as Multeen River (15-8) prevailed in the Fenestra Solutions Ltd 10th Anniversary Handicap Chase.