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a small opening covered with membrane (especially one in the bone between the middle and inner ear)

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ADF, anterodorsal fenestra; AVF, anteroventral fenestra; MS, mesopterygium; MSC, mesocondyle; MT, metapterygium; MTC, metacondyle; PC, procondyle; PDF, postdorsal fenestra; PT, propterygium; PVF, postventral fenestra.
Hand--Drill of various sizes to perform fenestra (Fisch)
Posteriorly, the fenestra superior is very conspicuous dorsally.
a) lateral view of tegumen, saccus, uncus, gnathos and valve; b) opposite view of right valve; c) dorsal view of tegumen, fenestra and uncus; d) posterior view of fultura inferior; e) lateral (above), ventral (middle) and dorsal (below) views of aedeagus.
17 October 2014 - Swedish strategy consultancy specialist BTS Group AB (STO:BTS-B) said today it had entered into an agreement to take over US HR technology solutions provider Fenestra Inc and all of its affiliated entities.
Window in Latin is fenestra, in Welsh, ffenestr, just for starters.
Es un ramo directo del facial en la porcion petrosa del temporal entre el ganglio geniculado y la cuerda del timpano en la parte proximal del segmento timpanico o piramidal, proporciona la inervacion al musculo del estribo o estapedio situado en la pared posterior de la cavidad timpanica donde ocupa una cavidad conica dentro de la eminencia piramidal; el tendon del musculo estapedio se inserta en el cuello del estribo y su accion consiste en traccionar posteriormente el estribo para hacer oscilar su base en la ventana oval o fenestra vestibular, lo que tensa el ligamento anular reduciendo la amplitud de oscilacion (9).
Stapes surgery requires complex surgical skills and experience to achieve good results, is In order to make an estimation of the thickness of the footplate and the amount of drilling required to create a fenestra, several studies have tried to establish the value of multislice computed tomography (CT) in otosclerosis.
A parte intermediaria (pars intermedia) possui uma fenestra mandibular (FecM: Figura 1E) bem desenvolvida, mas rasa em toda a sua extensao.
Johnson, Dois Estudos Polemicos (Tucson: Fenestra, 2004), 45-83.
While on a job to unblock a drain Ark overhears plans to over throw the king of Arborium by Lady Fenestra of Maw.
When the appropriately named High Councillor Grasp hatches a plan with Lady Fenestra from Maw, another kingdom outside of Arborium, to overthrow the ruler, it should be easy to execute.
Patients in Group A underwent stapedotomy in which a small fenestra was made in foot-plate of stapes using micro drill.
157: 'et fiat fenestra cum ferramentis cancellatis et vallatis firmissime clausa, ubi sorores respondeant amicis suis cum venerint ad eas visitandas'.