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Synonyms for fend

fend for yourself


  • look after yourself
  • support yourself
  • sustain yourself
  • take care of yourself
  • provide for yourself
  • make do
  • make provision for yourself
  • shift for yourself

fend something or someone off: deflect


fend something or someone off: beat off

Synonyms for fend

to turn or drive away

to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm

to progress or perform adequately, especially in difficult circumstances

Synonyms for fend

try to manage without help

withstand the force of something

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Highland's Sahar Haghdan, left, fends off Quartz Hill's Kia Barnett during the first half of their Golden League game Thursday night at Quartz Hill.
Ada fends off the evil characters who want her and her farm for themselves.
Without hesitation Margaret sets out to chase off Beau's older lover; she also covers up a crime she believes her son committed and frantically fends off blackmailers.
Using a double-barreled approach to immunization, scientists have created a combination of vaccines that fends off deadly Ebola virus in monkeys.
CHARLES Worthington fends off humidity with its Curl Protector Mousse for pounds 4.
What: Conservative talk ringmaster Mike Gallagher fields listener calls and fends off stray liberals.