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Synonyms for fend

fend for yourself


  • look after yourself
  • support yourself
  • sustain yourself
  • take care of yourself
  • provide for yourself
  • make do
  • make provision for yourself
  • shift for yourself

fend something or someone off: deflect


fend something or someone off: beat off

Synonyms for fend

to turn or drive away

to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm

to progress or perform adequately, especially in difficult circumstances

Synonyms for fend

try to manage without help

withstand the force of something

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The new finding suggests that it might be an essential weapon in fending off the mosquito-borne virus, says Philip M.
You won't find a glossy self-help manual here, What you'll get is side-splitting tales of psychotic exes, fantasies about hot chemotherapy nurses, and curiosity about whether the Breast Clinic could actually be a lesbian mixer--all within the context of serious matters like fending off death and redefining body image.
Love is supposed to count for something in this novel, though fending off its presence doesn't do much to fend off the outer dark.
Good thing, because his challenge is humbling: repairing employee morale, squeezing more profits from a struggling commodity hardware business, fending off rivals like powerhouse Dell, and making hard decisions, such as whether the company should spin off its lucrative printer business.
After months of fending off an unwanted purchase attempt, BEI--formerly known as Beverly Enterprises Inc.
Young Nick and his friends navigate the mostly Irish and Italian lower middle-class neighborhood fending off gang attacks and hungry black rodents while playing a myriad of street games: punch ball, curb ball, and a tag, hide-and-seek hybrid called Ringalevio.
Bartaway had to wrestle for control of the vehicle while fending off an attack by the driver, but was able to divert the truck away from a group of people who were attending a festival, and were directly in the truck's path.
It's thought he was out on his first hunting lesson when she died fending off an attack.
After fending off a takeover for 14 months, the board of directors of Willamette Industries, Willamette, Ore.
And it shall continue to pass that the Man from Illinois, nearing the top, shall of a moment lose his balance while fending off the locust swarms, and begin to fall amid many cries and only the occasional "Jump
It provides a tour of information security from the hacker's perspective and offers practical advice for fending off local and remote network attacks.
A BOY of 12 saved his mother's life by fending off a crazed knifeman, prosecutors said.
Chris Gonzales, a legless amputee who managed to win a spot as a defensive lineman for Valencia High's football team, can't decide which is more difficult: fending off blockers twice his size or dealing with a constant stream of TV news crews and reporters eager to interview the shy teenager.
The head of the nation's largest cable company faces a more crucial mission: fending off the challenge of satellite TV.
She immediately knew there was a problem because the llamas were standing in a tight circle, something they only do when fending off predators.