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a collision between motor vehicles that produces minor damage

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The Daily Mail UK has the pictures of Beckham's fender-bender (http://www.
There were no breaks, no fender-bender," a local bartender, who works in an establishment at the intersection where the alleged incident happened, says, quoted by the Bulgaria "Trud" (Labor) daily.
VAN NUYS -- A woman who is 8 1/2 months pregnant was struck Monday by a car driven by another woman after the two argued over a fender-bender, but she and her baby are OK, authorities said.
4 (5) Changing Lanes (15) Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson become daggers drawn after fender-bender.
The hardened cops chat about the killing as casually as if discussing a fender-bender accident.
Cook plowed into a car that hit Russell, who was discussing a fender-bender with officers and another driver.
As recently as 30 years ago, the typical tort action involved a fender-bender at Fifth and Main, and the typical expert witness was a physician testifying in a medical malpractice suit.
Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, Director-General of the Smart Services Department at Dubai Police, explained that the new application will eliminate the need for police officers to come to an accident scene involving a minor fender-bender.
Chris Brown could be facing time in jail follwing a fender-bender last week.
Less than two weeks after being released from custody on the day she was sentenced to 15 months in jail for driving drunk and causing two collisions, Kelli Lee Fields allegedly was involved in another fender-bender while driving illegally.
The case stems from a videotaped fender-bender in a parking lot in August.
5 (-) Changing Lanes (15) Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson are at daggers drawn after a fender-bender incident.
THE ocean liner Queen Elizabeth II got into a fender-bender with two moored warships on yesterday, a day after all three vessels took part in the US Independence Day festivities.
com, started the company in late 1998 after his involvement in a fender-bender threatened to land him in the dreaded classroom.