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a collision between motor vehicles that produces minor damage

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The parties to the fender bender were then brought to Camp Karingal where the dentist filed complaints of threat and reckless imprudence resulting in damage to property against the American national.
Later, a fender bender in the pet store parking lot.
ROCK'N'ROLL Band KOPEK throw a TV in true rock style at bus launch yesterday Picture: EVENTIMAGE; FENDER BENDER Band member Rachel Eastwood inside bus
Known as fender bender crimes in the US, the problem is escalating in Wales with a staggering 71 per cent - 1.
And although his production, Fender Bender missed out on the honours when the six films were screened at Newcastle's Tyneside cinema, during the Northern Lights Film Festival last September, the 10-minute film will go up against the best short films Europe has to offer at the European Film Academy Awards in Barcelona this December.
In July last year, the police arrested a JR Tokai Bus diver for causing a fender bender on the Chuo Expressway in Yamanashi Prefecture after drinking.
I was in my early 20s, and the case was about a fender bender on that greatest of all roads, the New Jersey Turnpike.
Don't assume that because a [pregnant] woman has had only a fender bender that you can relax," said Carol Harvey R.
Matters such as what to do with an elderly shoplifter, whether to enforce an outstanding warrant for a poor mother, or whether to report a minor fender bender during a shift may not be the stuff of action-adventure movies, but they weigh on many police officers nonetheless.
With only one homicide for every 29 in the Fifth District, and few diplomatic crises more serious than a fender bender, these officers are little more than window dressing.
Miller's piece, Fender Bender, comprises a beautifully crafted wooden bench sporting an orange boat fender that can serve as either a headrest or an armrest; the nautical touch is a tribute to Fort Mason's waterfront location on San Francisco Bay.
The accident was minor, just a fender bender in which no one was injured, according to a police report obtained by The Washington Post.
I was in a fender bender this morning here in Nashville, but I am all good," she tweeted.
Dolly Parton is home resting after being treated for minor injuries she suffered in a car crash she described as ''a fender bender.
Clearly over the shock of the fender bender, the 29-year-old, who was married to Chelsea ace Ashley Cole, joked that The Black Eyed Peas star wasn't concentrating on his driving as he was too busy chatting away to her, the Daily Mail reported.