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Synonyms for fend

fend for yourself


  • look after yourself
  • support yourself
  • sustain yourself
  • take care of yourself
  • provide for yourself
  • make do
  • make provision for yourself
  • shift for yourself

fend something or someone off: deflect


fend something or someone off: beat off

Synonyms for fend

to turn or drive away

to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm

to progress or perform adequately, especially in difficult circumstances

Synonyms for fend

try to manage without help

withstand the force of something

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BRAVE STAND: Pc Gordon Murphy who fended off a large mob
Oakes' sending-off also promised to bea turningpointbut,withBaudetandKelvin Wilson superb at the heart of their defence, County fended off the aerial bombardment and 'keeper Saul Deeney was only twice extended in the final half hour.
The two partners fended off a hostile bid for Wachovia from Atlanta-based SunTrust Corp.
He has fended off pneumonia but did endure a tracheotomy to help remedy this situation.
He then fended off the dog's numerous additional attempts to further maul the severely injured boy.
Once in the home, however, some of the nine family members, including three male cousins, fended off the intruders with chairs and punches, Fitzpatrick said.
One of the two sham-boosted monkeys again fended off SIV infection, as did two of the three monkeys receiving the real booster.
Dime appears to have successfully fended off this unwanted suitor with the sale of a large block of stock to friendly, outside investors and the installation of a new Chairman.
The financial results are reported prior to a one time charge of $220,000 for defense costs on a hostile takeover attempt, which was successfully fended off during the third quarter.
Schulman said that $2 million in tobacco settlement money that supervisors allocated to mental health services this week fended off any immediate need to cut services.
In the March 2000 election, Rogers fended off two challengers and was re-elected to a second six-year term on the bench.
Fending off a possible upset, fifth-seeded Gustavo Kuerten fended off two set points in a second-set tiebreaker to beat USC product George Bastl 7-5, 7-6 (9-7).
In March 2000, she fended off two challengers and was re-elected to a second six-year term.
The auction notice came just days after the company fended off a seizure notice from Kern County for failing to pay its property tax on time.