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Synonyms for fend

fend for yourself


  • look after yourself
  • support yourself
  • sustain yourself
  • take care of yourself
  • provide for yourself
  • make do
  • make provision for yourself
  • shift for yourself

fend something or someone off: deflect


fend something or someone off: beat off

Synonyms for fend

to turn or drive away

to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm

to progress or perform adequately, especially in difficult circumstances

Synonyms for fend

try to manage without help

withstand the force of something

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And he revealed that he was prescribed the favourite Scots tipple of whisky - and antibiotics - to fend off his illness.
Ada fends off the evil characters who want her and her farm for themselves.
Parents cannot always feed their children and leave them on the streets to fend for themselves.
Here's the good news in this report: the most promising tool currently available to fend off overtraining isn't complicated or expensive, and it doesn't require a sophisticated laboratory or highly trained personnel.
96-1940 (CA-7, July 2, 1997), the investment advisory fees a company pays to fend off a hostile takeover are deductible, while those it pays to facilitate the ultimate merger must be capitalized.
Bittenbinder will focus on techniques women can use to protect themselves during the holiday season including: how to fend off potential carjackers; the best ways to protect yourself from attackers, and methods for withdrawing money from cash machines, among others.
Rather than accept offers to trim it back, Lawson plans to guy the trunks together to fend off challengers to its champion status.
The FEND publications and websites become part of the 1105 Government Information Group, led by President and Group Publisher, Anne Armstrong.
The other is aggrieved by the manner in which team Sky strangled the peleton, cosseting the Londoner as they fended off any meaningful attacks - all the while leaving world champion Mark Cavendish to fend for himself.
They were able to use their intellectual and emotional strategizing and fend for themselves very well.
They do not fend off being looked at, but they fend off being known.
MaryJake thinks she's going with her family but instead is dropped off at the edge of a forest and told to go on into town and fend for herself as best she can.
The appeal arose from the dismissal of a federal district court action challenging the defensive measures of the TCO Board, which includes members of the Taubman family, in seeking to fend off a premium-priced hostile acquisition offer made last year by Simon Property Group, Inc.
He was far too young and small to fend for himself.
After the death of his mother, Jason is left alone to fend for himself in a world that labeled him "a menace to society.