fencing sword

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a sword used in the sport of fencing

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This device, which looks like a fencing sword, is attached to and fired from the barrel of an M16 rifle or M4 carbine.
They also talked about a Japanese ''kendo'' fencing sword which Kantor had demonstrated in front of the press at bilateral auto talks in 1995, when Kantor was U.
HAPPY COUPLE: Lee Fawcett and his wife Linda, on their wedding day in 2006; PRIORITY: Lee pictured with his family, left; Lee in his football kit as a boy, right Picture left by PETER REIMANN; ANIMAL FAN: Lee pictured when he was a youngster with a dog, right; CONFIDENT FRAME OF MIND: Lee Fawcett in his wheelchair with his fencing sword, left, is jetting off to Beijing to compete in the Paralympic Games and hopefully bring back a medal in fencing.
Her husband, Victor, then picked up a fencing sword in a desperate attempt to stop the killers escaping, but was allegedly beaten to the ground with a crowbar.
THE Ukrainian was kicked out of the 1976 Olympics after wiring his fencing sword so he could trigger the electronic scoring system without hitting his opponent.
22 calibre air rifle and telescope, two Westlake air rifles, a fencing sword, a complete archery set in its case and a green telescope.
When James Bond swapped his Walther PPK for a fencing sword in Die Another Day, it wasn't just his opponent who was left all shaken and stirred.
Josh Porschke, 11, (Laertes) said: "It was an exciting part and we got to fight Hamlet with fencing swords.
At arm's length, they whipped their cold steel fencing swords at each other, trying to trip the portable electronic scoreboard in their favor.
The fencing swords were taken from a Citroen Saxo parked outside Abby Hotel in Cathedral Road, over- night Saturday to Sunday.