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Synonyms for fence

Synonyms for fence

to confine within a limited area

to separate with or as if with a wall

Synonyms for fence

a dealer in stolen property

enclose with a fence

receive stolen goods

Related Words

fight with fencing swords

surround with a wall in order to fortify

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Ted Thurgood, of the Residents Action Group (RAG) which has been fighting the proposals, said Western Power Distribution was fencing off the Lisvane Reservoir area so it could show the CCW it was committed to protecting the rare waxcap mushrooms on the site.
Schemes ranged from restoring hedgerows to controlling coastal marshlands, managing heathlands and fencing off river corridors.
His grieving wife said: "They have got to do something about fencing off that pool.
Hopefully, fencing off the quay will make the area a lot less attractive to them.
Birmingham City Council scrutiny chairman Mike Olley hit out at the prospect of fencing off large parts of the city centre for the tram cars.