fencing mask

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a face mask made of fine mesh that is worn over a fencer's face

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The fencing masks prevent a condition of optimal nasal breathing; further studies will be needed to test the effectiveness of devices such as nasal dilator strips, to prove their utility in decreasing breathing impairment in athletes.
Four potentially lethal swords, a fencing mask and chest protector have been stolen.
We held a show-and-tell about masks for hockey goalies and baseball catchers, tried on a fencing mask, safety goggles, a gas mask and a gel-filled night mask.
As well as the four three-feet long swords a fencing mask, chest protector, breaches and other equipment totalling pounds 2,000 were taken.
The building has been described as a glass bubble, a soap dish and a fencing mask and it will become the headquarters of the Greater London Authority when it is finished next year.
PHOTO (1-2) (1--Color in Conejo and Simi Editions only) (2--Color in Conejo Edition only) Ranger Connie Breakfield, right, helps Brody Stevens, 3, of Malibu try a fencing mask and foil at the festival while a youngster trots by an inflatable whale, above, on the beach.
Their meetings have no referees, no prizes and few rules, and the fightersCO only protection are gloves and a fencing mask.
When we first started combat archery we were using 30 pound regular bows and arrows tipped with modified bird blunts and light padding with fencing masks, the same kit we used with light weapons hand combat.
The state is now seeking special exemptions for motorcycle helmets or sports equipment such as fencing masks.
a woman living in the 500 block of North Myers Street answered the doorbell with a bag of candy and was confronted by three people wearing skeleton and fencing masks, police said.