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someone skilled at fencing

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Talented teenage fencer Richard Michell (left) practising with his fencing coach | |David Stobbs in the Great Hall at Scarisbrick Hall School and pictured with his bronze medal won at the Lancaster Open, the first he has won in a competition for seniors (inset left)
This past season, Academy fencers Madeleine Girardot, Alyssa Hofilena and Ryan Redhead won their divisions at the 2014 NCAA West Region Fencing Championships in Pasadena, Calif.
The only target for this brand of fencing is the torso, ensuring safety, but also offering an offensive challenge, as the fencers have a relatively small target.
Therefore, the present study aimed at comparing mental toughness between two groups of elite fencers at different levels of world ranking.
When selecting a fencer, you'll need to keep in mind the length and width of the perimeter.
Rose Gregory is one of the country's top veteran fencers and has just helped Wales win the six-nation Celtic Challenge in Cornwall.
Ranked 51 at Under-17 level and 83 at Under-20 and coached by top British fencer Rhys Melia, Theo also won the Jubilee Foil Competition in Hereford and was runner-up in the Under-17 Leon Paul Junior Series in Scotland.
The 14-year-old fencer has been impressing in competitions and has beaten several adults.
It takes around BD300 to equip a fencer from head to toe with specialised gear and without appropriate funds we cannot take the sport forward," said Mr Alderazi, who has fenced at international competition level and has been a highly-respected coach in the Middle East for several years.
Top fencers will compete in the Eugene Fencer's Club fall team tournament Saturday at Roosevelt Middle School.
We quite often find bits of metal and stuff in the hedges," said fencer David Mason.
THE IRONY of her situation isn't lost on Siobhan Byrne, Ireland's first female fencer at an Olympics in more than 50 years.
GREAT BRITAIN fencer Alex O'Connell is using Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard as his Olympic inspiration - even though he's an Arsenal fan.
The son of an ambitious French nobleman who brought Joseph and his mother back to Paris and was intent on giving him all the perks befitting a child of the aristocracy, he grew up in Paris and, by his early twenties, was that country's best fencer, as well as equestrian.
At 32, the software developer technologist for the Union Bank of Switzerland in Weehawken, New Jersey, is an avid fencer.