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Synonyms for fence

Synonyms for fence

to confine within a limited area

to separate with or as if with a wall

Synonyms for fence

a dealer in stolen property

enclose with a fence

receive stolen goods

Related Words

fight with fencing swords

surround with a wall in order to fortify

References in classic literature ?
The organ-grinder at the gate fenced his beast with one arm as Jimmy-talked.
At our place, for example, the goats' grazing area is fenced with high tensile electric fence, and cross fenced with temporary electric polywire that can be easily removed when the paddocks need mowing.
Elaine Wright, DOC terrestrial sites manager, is non-committal on the future of fenced mainland islands: "Fences are one of the sweetest techniques we can use, but they're still just one tool in the toolbox, and not appropriate for highly mobile species such as falcons.
When Pat Buchanan called for longer stretches of the border to be fenced or otherwise closed off with trenches or walls, he was dismissed as a right-wing zealot.
The size of a fence depends on the size of the field that's fenced in, and the size of the rear of the wise man who sits on it.
Noted auctioneer Fritz Hatton, dressed as Zorro along with the requisite sword, fenced his way through the live auction between bouts.
When having a new fence installed, homeowners should talk to their neighbors about having their property fenced.