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a person who won't take sides in a controversy

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He parts company with the fragmented fence-sitter who professes his affection for freedom yet renounces the only road, truth, that leads to freedom.
The appeal to moderates got a boost Tuesday when news leaked out that one GOP fence-sitter, moderate Rep.
I'm not a great fence-sitter but precisely who should be responsible for justice baffles me a bit.
Kibaki is a legendary fence-sitter, and he behaves as if nothing is amiss.
On this issue, I'm quite proud to be a fence-sitter, with one foot on each side.
I'm not usually a fence-sitter, but it's terrific having two such wonderful horses around.
Never a fence-sitter, Wilson has created a devil's advocate in theatrical form, pitting two best-friends against each other - one fervently proud to be British, the other a soon-to-be dad unconvinced this country will provide a future worthy of his unborn son.
Not being a fence-sitter I'm going to stump for Real to do the business with both teams scoring at 10/3.
Little of this will be news to gung-ho gun guys, but this volume will make a great gift for that fence-sitter in the family.
For the fence-sitter who is not ready to admit to being a hipster, these will go great with your vintage denim.
How could anyone confuse the greatest fence-sitters on the planet with the Nazis.
Song works as a different kind of rhetoric, one that can reach the fence-sitters," he explains.
The fence-sitters who saw their last chance to buy a gun now have their gun.
However, BE discovered some fence-sitters among the CBC members.
While mortgage rates may not rise enough to erode affordability, rate increases may create a sense of urgency to prod fence-sitters to commit," said Curran.