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a rail that is split from a log


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William Foster, 53, was flown by helicopter to a hospital with the fence rail stuck through his chest, after firefighters cut off the back and front sections, California Highway Patrol officers said.
The three closed channels inside the fence rail trap hot air, which retards cooling.
The reflex hammer in my white cotton jacket glinted in the sunlight resembling spurs, as I wedged the heels of my Dansko "boots" on the fence rail.
Away from the UK it is not the norm to fence rail or motorway and never has been.
Promeco Srl in Como, Italy, a builder of short, counter-rotating twin-screw briquetters, designed a version to make profiles out of mixed plastic waste for fence rails, pallet spacers, agricultural poles, bricks, and car stops.
The panels meet at a removable center post, which has a gate handle and four catches for barrel bolts attached to the openable fence rails.
Further to the west ran miles of sandhills unfit for cultivation but rich in other natural resources like logs, firewood, fence rails, and posts.
Reaching the corral, leaning lightly against the smooth, sagging fence rails, Oliver began to talk about the peace he found in explicitly religious terms.
Arena obstructions also include loose fence rails and objects left lying on the fence, such as saddles, jackets, and blankets.
To keep horses from cribbing (chewing wood): Rub a bar of soap on the fence rails or whatever the animals chew.
The "Rail Joiner" depicts Lincoln joining two fence rails, symbolizing President Lincoln's uniting of a divided nation.
By shooting from one of the lower fence rails I've only missed once in the dozen or so pigs that I've butchered in the last two years.
Innovative's coating can be applied to finished wood goods, such as lattice, fence posts and fence rails as well as raw lumber.
The east side fence post shall be placed so that the fence rails can be removed for maintenance access.
The need for fence rails seemed to outweigh the market for peeler logs for this company since they did not produce any peeler logs.