fence mending

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social action to improve poor relations (especially in politics)

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Painting, fence mending and gardening was the order of the day in a green volunteering campaign run under Whitbread Action Earth.
Ellickson further hypothesizes that neighbors keep in their heads an informal "ledger" of their multi-faceted, continuing dealings with one another, and generally try to "even up" their accounts on balance: a deficit, say, in a fence mending "account" might be offset by minding a neighbor's place while he's away.
Volunteers are needed to help painting, fence mending, weeding, planting seeds, grass and hedge cutting, emptying the compost shed and washing the greenhouse.
Hahn also is involved in some other inside-City Hall fence mending.
Now the big financial services company is in the midst of some major fence mending.
To be effective, Wilson needs to demonstrate her commitment to the San Fernando Valley as well as CSUN by doing some serious fence mending along with a lot of hard work.