fence line

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a boundary line created by a fence

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Update: subject is in custody, Lafayette Park & North Fence line along Penn.
In July, HAMTC halted all work within tank farm boundaries unless workers inside the tank farm fence line were wearing supplied air respirators.
As the fence line has been tested, we know in some contexts when "significantly more" is lacking.
Prickly plants should be used around the fence line.
The neighbors say the fence line is the property line, but a recent survey says otherwise.
To eradicate bindweed and other pernicious weeds emerging from under hedges and fences, set an unbroken plastic sheet barrier in a deep trench in front of the fence line
The transfer belts transport the boards away from the fence line so that manual stacking is easily accomplished.
MSgt Chandler spread 100 tons of animal-resistant fill at multiple areas to correct gap deficiency along the bottom of the fence line.
involved clearing and setting up a fence line to keep cattle and wildlife from damaging grave sites.
These are installed in the fence line between ends or corners, so they are perfect for perimeter fences that follow property lines.
A search for the larger meaning of the hurricane had pulled Richard to this spot along Shell's fence line, where greenhouse gasses were wisping off of flares.
The team of 14 helped Tees Valley Wildlife Trust replace the woodland's perimeter fence line, and recycled the removed waste.
Beautifully hiding an eyesore, climbing roses and long canes cover a drainage ditch along the fence line, but allow the ditch to function.
Over the years, Madison Avenue has used Montana as a backdrop in some of the Marlboro Man cigarette ads depicting rugged cowboys puffing on cigarettes while riding a fence line
Peter chuckles recalling that one of the young crew's best "sources" of metal was just over the fence line of the scrap yard's property, where pieces of scrap in higher piles occasionally fell over the fence.