fence line

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a boundary line created by a fence

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The risk of wildfires is always present in some areas, but fire resistant lumber will stop the fire in the rear of a property from dancing along fence lines until it consumes homes, outbuildings and barns.
It has also engulfed the minefields and fence line where it was impossible for us to enter as there was a blast in the mines," Khan said.
The safest way is to cross the fence line and drop down into the cwm on your left.
Prickly plants should be used around the fence line.
I walk the fence line Trying to understand This kind of life,
Ordinarily, this was no big deal; it happened all the time, and the team rules stated that players "should lightly sweep such balls to the fence line behind them.
To eradicate bindweed and other pernicious weeds emerging from under hedges and fences, set an unbroken plastic sheet barrier in a deep trench in front of the fence line
Prisk said the project is replacing an existing fence line around the base's firing range.
Another team rebuilt electrical boxes along the fence line, raising them a foot aboveground to make them more visible and building concrete platforms around them as protection.
They undertake a fence line inspection every Wednesday to check the fence is secure.
The transfer belts transport the boards away from the fence line so that manual stacking is easily accomplished.
MSgt Chandler spread 100 tons of animal-resistant fill at multiple areas to correct gap deficiency along the bottom of the fence line.
involved clearing and setting up a fence line to keep cattle and wildlife from damaging grave sites.
He got within about 15 yards of me, stopped, turned and went down the fence line with ease.
A search for the larger meaning of the hurricane had pulled Richard to this spot along Shell's fence line, where greenhouse gasses were wisping off of flares.