femoral vein

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a vein that accompanies the femoral artery in the same sheath

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Relationship between complications and the time of the compression bandage on femoral vein after radiofrequency ablation diagnosed as supraventricular tachycardia (in Chinese).
The allografts supplied by CryoLife[R] for AVG access are recovered from human cadavers: femoral arteries, femoral veins, and saphe nous veins.
Of the catheter related factors, site of insertion seems to have significant risks with minimum risk for subclavian catheters and maximum for femoral vein catheters in our study.
3) There is some data to suggest there are higher infection rates as well as higher rates of deep venous thrombosis when using the femoral vein.
Computed tomography angiography (CTA) showed that the bilateral brachiocephalic veins and the right internal jugular vein were all occlusive with the development of collateral circulation, and the bilateral femoral veins were extremely narrow, which was confirmed by subsequent digital subtraction angiography (Figure).
High ligation also eliminates hypertension from incompetent saphenofemoral valves, femoral vein and its tributaries.
The PICSO Impulse Catheter is inserted in a standard manner via the femoral vein and placed in the coronary sinus using a steerable guide sheath.
I was put on heparin injections and told to wait for a scan which was three days later - confirming I have an extensive DVT in my right femoral vein.
Therefore, this study was conducted to provide basic data on changes of blood enzymes and IGF-1 levels during antler growth in sika deer by comparing samples from the jugular and femoral vein (which is positioned in the body region farthest from the jugular).
This cut his femoral vein and artery and Mr Moskwa later died from that wound.
An interventional radiologist removed the guidewire via the femoral vein using a gooseneck snare.
Here we report a case of fracture of a haemodialysis catheter in the left femoral vein.
Implanted via the femoral vein (in the leg) with a tiny delivery system, Nanostim is designed to be fully retrievable so that it can be readily repositioned throughout the implant procedure and later, if necessary.
The miniature-sized, leadless cardiac pacemaker is placed directly inside a patient's heart without surgery during a catheter-guided procedure through the groin via the femoral vein.
The combination of a localized hernia sac with femoral vein compression is a useful distinguishing feature of femoral hernias compared to inguinal hernias.