femoral vein

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a vein that accompanies the femoral artery in the same sheath

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Blood samples were obtained from the jugular vein and femoral vein and were taken at 18-day intervals from the casting date to the cutting date (55 days later).
Under sterile conditions, after local anaesthesia with Mecain 2%, the Seldinger technique was used to puncture the right common femoral vein just below the inguinal ligament.
The patient developed DVT of the left femoral vein and subsequent pulmonary emboli 5 months post transplantation while receiving the above-mentioned immunosuppressive treatments.
This behaviour was sexually motivated, and when he told A he was a doctor and was trying to find his femoral vein, this was intended to mislead and an abuse of his professional position, the panel decided.
Awareness of this condition is vital, especially if these individuals are subjected to undergo cardiac procedures via femoral vein access.
3 F central catheter was placed on the right femoral vein using a Seldinger technique.
Psoas muscle abscess as a complication of femoral vein catheterization in a hemodialysis patient.
Pneumothorax occurred during subclavian vein catheterization and the other complications occurred durin femoral vein catheterization.
Femoral hernia: This type occurs in the part of the groin where the femoral vein and artery pass from the lower abdomen to the thigh.
Femoral vein occlusion leading to proximal deep vein thrombosis was described in two cases.
After cannulation of the femoral vein, a guide wire was inserted and then, needle and wire were exchanged for a venous sheath.
Role of the Nurse in Femoral Vein Catheterization for Hemodialysis Access
The RTx cools and warms patients with a unique integrated temperature sensor catheter, which is placed below the heart via the femoral vein.
Temporary access was difficult because her subclavian veins could no longer be successfully cannulated and she had several accidental femoral artery punctures during femoral vein cannulation.