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corrective consisting of a replacement for a part of the body

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19) It consisted of a novel saddle component mounted directly to a standard femoral prosthesis component.
Three-dimensional finite -element analysis of composite and metal femoral prosthesis [J].
The Cushion-Bearing(TM) Femoral Head, a novel femoral prosthesis based on a proprietary polyurethane material and cutting-edge engineering, more closely resembles the body's natural joints than current hard-bearing prostheses.
Lot 10 - cervico-cephalic femoral prosthesis (partial) balance;
When considering type B2 fractures, some questions that need to be addressed include how long the femoral prosthesis should be, cemented versus non cemented stem, cerclage wires or plates for fracture reduction, and if strut allograft will be used to augment the fixation.
The technology allows the surgeon to plan the placement of a new femoral prosthesis in an interactive work environment.
Contract notice: Delivery of cementless hip prosthesis, the system revision hip prostheses; Cuff goleniowo - thigh to the camera sequential massage of the lower limbs; total knee prostheses with a minimally invasive technique, endoprosthesis medial and lateral patellofemoral compartment prostheses - femoral prosthesis revision knee arthroplasty, cementless resurfacing system with the option of securing the short stem hip prosthesis cemented hip; system to repair damage to the meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament; endoprosthesis ankle, shoulder, elbow and radial head implant to osteotomy and arthrodesis joints of the foot; bone substitutes