femoral nerve

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one of a pair of nerves that originate from lumbar nerves and supply the muscles and skin of the anterior part of the thigh

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Femoral nerve arises from the L4-L6 nerve roots and is responsible for extension of the stifle and flexion of the hip.
Also, unlike a femoral nerve block, there is no need for specialist equipment like ultrasound.
6] In our study, we also observed the mean duration of sensory and motor blockades was significantly less with spinal anaesthesia compared to combined sciatic femoral nerve block (p < 0.
In this study, patients used analgesia pumps after operation, among which 16 patients were treated with femoral nerve block analgesia.
Both muscles receive innervation from the femoral nerve proximal to the incision area.
Pain was controlled by a femoral nerve sheath catheter block and oral non-steroidal analgesics, positioned by the Stimu Long Plus 19 g nerve locator (Germany).
Quadriceps weakness can result from compression of the femoral nerve by a large hematoma which could take weeks or even months to resolve.
The potential for complications is low, but these include intraperitoneal injection; abdominal wall or bowel hematoma; transient femoral nerve palsy; and local anesthetic toxicity.
Another study pooled data from three previously published, randomized, triple-masked placebo-controlled studies of CPNB involving the femoral nerve after TKA or THA (Ilfeld, Duke et al.
Electrophysiological studies revealed severe damage to the obturator nerve, the femoral nerve, and the sciatic nerve consistent with an inflammatory postsurgical lumbosacral plexopathy.
One patient developed pain and numbness in the area of the femoral nerve injury due to heat.