femoral nerve

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one of a pair of nerves that originate from lumbar nerves and supply the muscles and skin of the anterior part of the thigh

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According to Locher and colleagues, (40) the variability of the femoral nerve course and branches would necessitate coagulation of several square centimeters (ie, greater than or equal to 50 lesions), but no data was provided as to how this calculation was achieved.
Leila said even a hospital which had earlier performed a Femoral Nerve Block on her to ease the pain refused to treat her again.
1996) Quadriceps strength and fatigue assessed by magnetic stimulation of the femoral nerve in man.
16) Peripheral femoral nerve blocks have been introduced in an effort to alleviate these side effects and to provide better pain management.
In the presence of low-frequency ES, expression of the neurotrophin brain-derived neurotrophic factor, its high affinity receptor trkB, GAP43, and [beta]II-tubulin significantly increase shortly after femoral nerve injury [9-10].
From lateral to medial, the femoral triangle contains the femoral nerve, artery, and vein.
This patient initially demonstrated most significant clinical involvement in the femoral nerve (L2, L3, L4) distribution.
The vascularization of the femoral nerve in the dog is supplied by small vessels coming from the superficial iliac circumflex artery and the lateral circumflex femoral artery, both of them collaterals of the femoral artery.
Femoral nerve complications after femoral arterial or venous catheterizations are extremely rare.
2) Irreversible damage of the lumbar plexus or femoral nerve may result from entrapment of nerves in the hematoma.
The myomectomy patients suffered no complications, but the hysterectomy patients sustained five injuries--two to the ureters and one each to the bladder, bowel, and femoral nerve.
Tirado placed one stitch through and another one around the patient's femoral nerve, which damaged the nerve and allegedly caused the patient to suffer pain in his right leg.
It can be used to identify nerves up to 3cm in depth and is effective in localizing the musculocutaneous, femoral, ulnar, radial and median nerves for interscalene, axillary, mid-humeral, wrist and femoral nerve blocks.