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Pectineus muscle atrophy may contribute to femoral hernia development, creating a potential space for the hernia to form.
Figures are based on the authors' calculations using the combined number of inguinal and femoral hernia repairs from AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research) (2007), tables 5 and 9 and figure 15.
During a routine wound review the following day, however, the presence of enteric material in the wound was noticed and it soon became apparent that an enterocutaneous fistula had developed (Figure 1), which immediately prompted a CT scan of the area; this revealed a round lesion medial to the right femoral vessels that was highly suspicious of a femoral hernia (Figure 2).
There was a remote surgical history of femoral hernia repair and prior obstetric history significant for four first-trimester miscarriages and no livebirths.
There are five main types of external intestinal hernia: an inguinal hernia in the groin, a femoral hernia at the top of the thigh, an epigastric hernia between the upper abdominal muscles, an umbilical hernia which forms at the navel and an incisional hernia that forms where the abdominal wall has been cut during surgery.
Princess Kikuko, the 89-year-old aunt of Emperor Akihito, was released from a Tokyo hospital Wednesday morning after femoral hernia surgery, the Imperial Household Agency said.
Sore and tired after her operation on a femoral hernia, Lorraine was glad it was all over.
A femoral hernia occurs in a similar but slightly lower position than an inguinal hernia.
The relatively rare femoral hernia can produce these symptoms.
Several methods of femoral hernia repair (1-5) have been described.
A decrease in the venous diameter by two-thirds relative to the contralateral side has been shown to be a reliable indicator of femoral hernia.
Here we present an unusual complication of the presentation of a strangulated femoral hernia following TEP.
Although Anne's symptoms pointed to a femoral hernia, her Ob-Gyn prescribed her pain pills hoping the problem would simply disappear.
This week Miriam concentrates on the femoral hernia, affecting women.
The expert specialist has found that epigastric hernia in women, as well as femoral hernia and other types occur far more frequently than many people - even trained medical professionals - might expect.