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But for large femoral hernias, this technique has got some benefits.
On examination, the patient had swelling in her inguinal region since the last 1 week, and she showed sensitivity in the abdomen, minimal abdominal distention, and incarcerated femoral hernia on her right inguinal region.
Pectineus muscle atrophy may contribute to femoral hernia development, creating a potential space for the hernia to form.
Figures are based on the authors' calculations using the combined number of inguinal and femoral hernia repairs from AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research) (2007), tables 5 and 9 and figure 15.
Femoral hernia Occurs in the groin where blood vessels pass from the lower abdomen to the thigh.
Associated pathologies encountered during TEP repair included a femoral hernia, an umbilical hernia, and three large lipoma of the cord.
We present a case of undiagnosed Richter's-type femoral hernia containing caecum and appendix that following strangulation and perforation, manifested as a groin abscess.
Additional advantage of laparoscopy hernia repair is that even bilateral hernia can be fixed by the same small three cut on skin and even the small hidden femoral hernia and obturator hernia can also be diagnosed and repaired.
The artery may cause a lot of bleeding if it is cut during surgeries of femoral hernia or surgeries of hip joint.
The differential diagnosis of a groin mass includes femoral hernia, hydrocele, inguinal adenitis, femoral adenitis, lymphoma, varicocele, ectopic testis, lipoma, haematoma, psoas abscess, metastatic neoplasm, epididymitis, testicular torsion and femoral artery aneurysm.
The differential diagnosis of intestinal pseudo-obstruction in our patient who was eventually diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus included mechanical causes such as tumor, volvulus, and adhesions from her history of femoral hernia surgery; and nonmechanical causes such as gastroenteritis, paralytic ileus, celiac sprue, and narcotic bowel syndrome.
Wu C, Liu T: An unusual ganglion communicating with hip joint resembling femoral hernia.
A femoral hernia is less common and typically occurs in females.