femoral biceps

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the biceps muscle of the thigh

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01), as well as small intestine and femoral biceps (p<0.
Figure 2 gives the effects of breed by tissue interaction on Lpin2 mRNA expression, it shows that Lpin2 was highly expressed in perirenal and tail fats in GLT, yet which was in tail fat and liver in STH, while the lowest levels were found in femoral biceps in both breeds of sheep.
The lowest expression was found in femoral biceps all through the growth stages except 8 months of age at which the lowest expression was found in reproductive organs (testis and ovary) (Figure 7).
05), and negative correlations were also found between the expression in femoral biceps and body weight, carcass weight (p<0.
In our study, ovine Lpin2 was expressed at greatest levels in perirenal and tail fats, and was also substantially expressed in liver, kidney, reproductive organs (testis and ovary), with lowest expression in small intestine and femoral biceps.
Unlike lipin1 which with high expression in skeletal muscle and functions in energy metabolism (Phan and Reue, 2005), the low abundance of Lpin2 and Lpin3 in femoral biceps may suggest that they may not be involved in energy metabolism in sheep.
Surgical treatment of irreversible lesions of the femoral nerve in patients with traumatic or neurological pathology has been based on tendinous transference ofthe hamstring tendon, mainly of the femoral biceps, to the patella or quadriceps with good functional results (7,8).
Eight months after the initial lesion, surgical treatment was performed to transfer the femoral biceps to the anterior rectus of the quadriceps femoris muscle using a lateral approach (Figure 2).
It is a grade one tear to the femoral biceps of his right leg," Pedro Guillen of the Cemtro clinic said.