femoral artery

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the chief artery of the thigh

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The cost of materials to close up a femoral artery is also higher than what's used for radial artery access.
The SUPERB Trial (Comparison of the SUPERA PERipheral System to a Performance Goal Derived from Balloon Angioplasty Clinical Trials in the Superficial Femoral Artery) is an FDA-approved IDE trial to evaluate SUPERA in treating patients with obstructive superficial femoral artery (SFA) disease.
Anomalous relationship between femoral artery and vein: a case report.
Using fluoroscopy to see the femoral head to aid in locating the femoral artery was described by Grossman in 1974 (2).
Gunther is back with his scalpel, butchering dead bodies in order to show us what happens when three litres of paint is pumped through a corpse's severed femoral artery.
The lesion was embolized via a femoral artery approach, and the patient again underwent surgery.
SNOWMASS COLO -- Sirolimus-eluting stents show some promise for the treatment of obstructive superficial femoral artery lesions, although it must be said the results aren't nearly as impressive as in the coronary circulation.
The procedure in the superficial femoral artery ("SFA") was successfully performed by Dr.
All superficial inguinal nodes and the deep femoral nodes on the anterior and medial surfaces of the femoral vein within the fossa ovalis were removed en bloc while sparing the fascia lata and the cribriform fascia over the femoral artery.
R]) Nitinol Self-Expanding Stent in the TReatment of Obstructive SuperficiaL FemoraL Artery Disease) on behalf of the study investigators.
Contract notice: Supply kits femoral artery and radial - 2 packages.
The device creates a unique access pathway, called an Arstaotomy, into the femoral artery through which catheterization procedures are performed.
Abbott today announced the launch of the StarClose(R) SE Vascular Closure System, a next-generation vessel closure device engineered to enable fast, safe and secure closure of the femoral artery access site following a catheterization procedure.