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The femme fatale can symbolize a certain sense of empowerment, Vik said.
She was 10 when the popular movie femme fatale died in 1955, bestowing on Joan all her costumes, jewels, and favorite china.
Phyllis is the archetypal femme fatale, the jagged coast upon which Neff's naive vessel is wrecked.
Femme Fatale Guns welcomes both men and women, but women will especially appreciate the large number of products Bartol stocks with them in mind.
And thanks to films such as Gangster Squad, and Anne Hathaway's turn as Catwoman in the most recent instalment of the Batman movies, the femme fatale is back.
While we don't advocate Femme Fatale behaviour - you have to admit, these ladies have got style.
Using the crisp techniques associated with classical Hollywood cinema, Huston introduces his femme fatale by dividing the scene into three planes.
Overall Femme Fatale is a smash hit and a must for anyone's iPod.
Minaj, who is performing on the Femme Fatale tour, will not be joining Britney when the tour travels to Europe.
Her new Femme Fatale album is reported to see Britney return to form and the tour, also called Femme Fatale, is expected to be her most ambitious yet.
Mum-of-two Britney, 29, slipped straight back into her groove with slick routines to her hits from new album Femme Fatale, out on Tuesday.
Un solo sexo, tres edades que concentran la quintaesencia de la femme fatale.
For the evening, they recommend a light silky complexion, graphic eyes enhanced by pearl grey mascara and femme fatale lips in purple.
Faulkner's basically contemporaneous femmes fatales of the 1920s receive a wide range of treatments, some ironic: in the first of these texts the femme fatale is a looming sexual threat to a patriarchal order; in the last, the figure's qualifies are deliberately misapplied to a vulgar society matron.
With a wild, wired performance by Sam Rockwell, right, in the lead role, the movie also stars Clooney as Barris' shadowy mentor, Drew Barrymore as the love interest and Julia Roberts as a secret agent femme fatale - and see if you can spot Brad Pitt and Matt Damon in blink-and-you'll-miss them cameo roles.