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Femme Fatale - The Timeless Style Of Beautiful Women by Serge Normant.
Spying a poster of Gilda on the wall, she names herself after its redheaded femme fatale, Rita Hayworth.
The game will also feature Elektra(TM), a beautiful yet ruthless assassin, martial arts expert, and Daredevil's femme fatale lover.
On it plays out a crucial scene in the film noir classic ``Double Indemnity'' with Fred MacMurray - as the duped insurance salesman Walter Neff - and Barbara Stanwyck - as perhaps cinema's ultimate femme fatale, Phyllis - facing off.
Directed by Ian Belton, the current edition of Bitter Tears opens with Marlene (Anita Durst), a chic, mute, submissive maid, preparing for aging femme fatale Petra (Rebecca Wisocky) to wake.
The femme fatale was in a short shocker of a pink number.
Chuck the spy makes hits (and not of the Nielsen kind) in Mexico, skuldugs on both sides of the Iron Curtain (while ``chaperoning'' luckless daters) and negotiates the curves of his very own femme fatale (Julia Roberts, in dry-as-ice queen gear).
Like EDtv, the film denies DeGeneres any semblance of a sex life--except for an oddly heated moment with femme fatale Patricia Arquette during an interrogation scene.
Great performances from Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce as rival cops and pouting Kim Basinger, who won an Oscar for her femme fatale.
com / AOL Keyword: Femme Fatale "Femme Fatale" opens on Wednesday, November 6th.
1 JOT idea on back of envelope for thriller involving blonde femme fatale and lots of kinky sex.
It takes a lot of incredibly tortuous and unconvincing plot mutilations to get there, but for a film so informed by the male gaze and hysterical fantasies of the femme fatale stereotype, that might be the most startling innovation yet in De Palma's indulgent, alarming and sporadically brilliant career.
Halle Berry, playing the femme fatale "Jinx," will drive the ultimate automotive fashion statement: a limited edition Thunderbird convertible, whose coral color was selected by Ford's Vice President of Design, J Mays.
Noteworthy performances: Jennifer Sky as a femme fatale pops the most, but go figure - she's just a guest star.
Sims can spurn the advances of The Jock, welcome the overtures of the Femme Fatale, find true lust with Mr.