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  • verb

Synonyms for feminize

assume (more) feminine characteristics


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to give a (more) feminine, effeminate, or womanly quality or appearance to

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The most extensive studies on the feminizing effects of WwTW effluents in wild fish have been conducted on the roach (Rutilus rutilus) living in U.
Feminizing genitoplasty for clitoral reduction is often performed on girls with congenital adrenal hyperplasia.
The book also presents a series of essays that range from theological (Frederick Kiefer's analysis of the Protestant "book of the conscience" and Macbeth; Daryl Palmer's fascinating account of staged martyrologies and Shakespeare's application of staging violence in Titus Andronicus) to feminist strategies for reading/writing Shakespeare (Karen Robertson's careful analysis of Maria's application of hand[writing] in the gulling and feminizing of Malvolio; Wendy Wall's trenchant overview of Renaissance texts and the "blotting" of the page as a highly gendered textual/sexual act of desire).
In 1979 I began furiously lifting weights and therefore stripped off the feminizing froufrou of my former getups to show off my hard-earned gains.
This chemical balancing produces an increased potential for numerous feminizing side effects in the male reproductive system.
A top Labor Ministry official says the third phase of feminizing women-only shops will include maternity and jalabiya (long gown worn by women) shops, which will be implemented in the next six months.
This change could render the animals more susceptible to the feminizing effects of their own estrogen or environmental mimics of this hormone, notes Vance Trudeau, one of the Ottawa scientists.
Since Simone is in all ways Taransky's creature, most of what she says comes straight from his mouth - via feminizing electronic rechanneling, of course.
On the one hand, they denounced movie violence for coarsening young proletarians into "hooligans" (Halbstarken) and, on the other hand, excoriated popular fashions and hairstyles for feminizing male fans of American movies and bands.
So far, the review shows, researchers have found no evidence that environmental estrogens or female hormones impede male urogenital development, despite their feminizing effects on males.
Jonson's satirical humors comedies, Tiffany asserts, are akin to most classical satire in presenting eroticism in terms of a masculine pursuit for sexual dominance, not symbiosis, and in defining masculine selfhood "by its stand against the feminizing pull of the Other" (107).
But the lipstick tank is powerful sculpture, attacking phallic warfare cosmetically by feminizing and deflating the big gun.
However, the ministry stressed that it would not back down from its stand of feminizing these shops as it is an important national initiative and that those who refuse to implement the decision would face punitive action.
He highlights the language of gender and sexuality that writers use to depict the psychological injuries inflicted by racism on men of color and explains the ways that homosexuality comes to function as a powerful symbol for a feminizing racism.
Although Lanyer's metrics tend toward over-regularity and her use of imagery and classical allusion rarely transcends convention, her narrative creates structural complexity by embedding stories within stories, and her retelling of Christ's Passion achieves dramatic power by humanizing, often feminizing, Christ.