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Synonyms for feminize

assume (more) feminine characteristics


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to give a (more) feminine, effeminate, or womanly quality or appearance to

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He wondered about the situation when the rest of the sector is feminized.
McIntyre, Eleanor, "Dental Hygiene: The Consequences of a Feminized Profession," Canadian Dental Hygiene/Probe.
While acknowledging the traditional reasons for fraternal membership--business contacts, friendship/brotherhood, fascination with ceremony and secrecy, sanctuary from industrialization and urbanization--Carnes demonstrates how fraternalism's secret rituals functioned as a male religious counterculture in unconscious opposition to an increasing liberal and feminized Protestantism and addressed the anxieties Victorian middle-class boys faced in making the psychological transition from maternal nurture to the aggressive and competitive domain of adult men.
In boys as well as in girls, higher prenatal dioxin levels were associated with more feminized play behavior," the study's authors wrote.
In this study, we investigated feminized responses to two estrogenic WwTWs in roach exposed for periods during life stages of germ cell division (early life and the postspawning period).
For several decades, Sweden's socialist social engineers have done their level best to demolish the patriarchal family, creating in its stead a thoroughly feminized womb-to-tomb social welfare state.
As sugar, ice, and chocolate became less expensive, and as food production became more mechanized, however, sweets were both democratized and feminized.
Rebecca West's essay "Desire, Displacement, Digression: Rhetorical Ramifications in Giorgio Manganelli's Amore and Tutti gli errori" and Millicent Marcus' "The Italian Body Politic is a Woman: Feminized National Identity in Postwar Italian Film"--with Dante and Machiavelli implanted in the title--represent a fresh, original, and brilliant approach to these subjects by way of the most modern and sharp critical appraisal of these two genres.
The chapter on Alcott follows two figures--the wounded soldier and the competent nurse--as they become symbols of feminized male and masculinized female.
The massive black doily ``Queen Victoria'' (1997) reduces the monarch who ruled the British Empire for 60 years to a graceful yet formidable abstraction - a sort of feminized Washington Monument.
It further depended upon "gendering" the bodies of the dancers: While the culture accepted teaching dance both to female and to male children, dance itself was feminized and most males moved on to other kinds of physical activity by the time they reached adolescence.
The Canadian Bishops' Liturgy Office gave Canadian Catholics a feminized (so called "inclusive language") Lectionary for Mass in 1992.
In other words, they were feminized," says Guillette.
She is most concerned with the ways these women sought to relate to the masculinized Victorian God and to the ways they articulated the feminized I in relation to God.