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the process of becoming feminized

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With the exception of a 2008 pilot study, there are no previous studies of the feminization of the Swedish bank sector from a labor market perspective.
In fact, the film appears to be suggesting that the remasculinization enacted by fight club leads into another feminization, as the newly de-individualized foot soldiers of Project Mayhem find themselves right back where they started: in thrall to a system or organization that cares nothing for individual will and initiative and everything for conformity to a collective vision.
Feminization of the legal profession--the comparative sociology of women lawyers.
of California-San Francisco) pioneered the field of facial feminization surgery some decades ago.
Can this therefore cause the feminization of poverty in Douala?
Lee's sub-specialty is facial feminization for male to female transgender patients.
This decision was taken to combat high attrition rates and to ensure employees start work on time as part of a wider feminization scheme aimed at enhancing female employment rates.
Around 38 stores were found in violation of feminization rules and three stores had runaway workers.
Section 3 looks at production, trade, and employment, with chapters on information and computer technologies, the oil and gas sectors, intellectual property rights, and feminization of labor markets in Arab countries.
Ms Tahira Abdullah said that besides the rise in women's participation in low-paying urban, informal sector economic activities, agricultural non-remunerated work are also indicators of feminization of poverty.
Feminization of Poverty can be defined as the increase in proportion and severity of poverty in women-headed households (WHHs) and the rise in womens participation in low-paying, urban, informal sector economic activities.
APHA member Ellen Daley, PhD, MPH, who discussed the feminization of HPV during a session at APHA's 140th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, told The Nation's Health that the "problem for men .
Previous studies have shown that perinatal exposure to the synthetic estrogen diethylstilbestrol (DES) leads to feminization of the seminal vesicle (SV) in male mice, as evidenced by tissue hyperplasia, ectopic expression of a major estrogen-inducible uterine secretory protein lactoferrin (LF), and reduced expression of SV secretory IV protein (SVS IV).
What she finds is that women are less likely to integrate seamlessly and successfully into the workforce when the primary purpose for feminization is purely to insert female workers into labor-intensive industries.
As hectares of farming in the toads' vicinities increased, so did the proportion of males exhibiting a serious feminization, Krista McCoy and colleagues report in an upcoming Environmental Health Perspectives.