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But because radical feminists are almost the only women in the feminist movement discussing the implications of the new reproductive technologies, they enjoy tremendous influence over the terms of debate.
Yet neither group experienced the feminist movement firsthand.
Molly was a woman of great courage and conviction who was a leading feminist long before the feminist movement took root and a leader of reform Democrats before the Democrats accepted reform.
The conspiracy behind the feminist movement, the homosexual rights movement, and the atheist/humanist movement has weighed down on the Scouts so heavily that it is now beginning to buckle.
In the late '60s, when I was a teenager in Boston, the feminist movement was happening around me, and I went to some early meetings, and then there were feminists who knew me when I moved to New York.
This elite social background would characterize all participants in the discourse, including those belonging to Poland's first organized feminist movement.
As University of Massachusetts at Amherst professor Daphne Patai and Indiana University professor Noretta Koertge reported in their 1994 book, Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales From the Strange World of Women's Studies, the assumption that women's studies constitutes the academic arm of the feminist movement is quite common in women's studies departments.
Published in 1970, The Black Woman came to serve as one of the founding texts of that decade's emerging Black feminist movement.
The modern feminist movement has been a lightning rod.
Women on the Threshold describes the developing feminist movement in El Salvador, particularly among Baptist women.
Women in the workplace will become fair game and the feminist movement will be set back 50 years.
Oral testimonies from a variety of sources on all sides of the arguments make Ross's section on maintaining LOOT's sexual orthodoxy very interesting and accessible, and she makes good use of them to show that the feminist movement was sometimes "a fine kettle of fish.
The Eagle also reported that one male speaker at the event, Russ Jones, said, "This is not a feminist movement, it's not a women's movement.
It also documents their struggle for citizenship rights, their attempt to improve the family code, their engagement in the international feminist movement and their position on various issues such as prostitution.
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