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female emancipation


Synonyms for feminism

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We need to develop analyses of the complex and nuanced interstices of gender and sexuality, of feminism and queer theory.
Sometimes in the word feminism there is too much separation.
I think it's awesome that you brought up feminism in the mag.
In the same interview, she explained again what feminism is all about.
Feminism is still required to advocate for the expression of this Act.
Feminism can also be described as a movement or a revolution that includes men and women who wish the world to be equal without boundaries.
The 'Dream a Little Dream' hitmaker said that she wonders why there is even a conversation about feminism and what the man version of feminism is, and that such a word doesn't even exist.
4) This includes rethinking the opposition between nationalism and Black feminism and above all reinserting transnationalism into Black feminist frameworks.
Islamic feminism" is not simply a feminism that is born from Muslim cultures, but one that engages Islamic theology through the text and canonical traditions.
Yet this critique presupposes that third-wave feminism is fundamentally different from the feminism of past generations.
A fundamental presupposition underlying the above currents and which is usually held by Western feminists is that feminism is a universal agenda for action aimed at eliminating gender hierarchies in all societies of the world.
Young women, if they recognise the ter m Feminism at all, seem to regard it as obsolete - the very antithesis of the pneumatic, kick-ass girls they aspire to be.
The majority of scholarly and activist opinion by and about Indigenous women claims that feminism is irrelevant for them.
This contemporary stage of Black feminism expands notions of liberatory action.
Featuring authors who argue that a struggle for women's rights is possible within non-secular contexts, Women, Feminism and Fundamentalism is divided into three sections: "Concepts and theories," wherein articles reflect on the relationship between fundamentalism and feminism in religious contexts; "Islamic feminism," which provides a link between theory and practice; and "Strategies.