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the process of becoming feminized

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According to Nana-Fabu (2009) the feminisation of poverty in Cameroon simply refers to the increasing proportion of the poor in Cameroon who are women.
The committee members and merchants are not opposed to the feminisation program but have found it difficult to implement it, resulting in losses, he pointed out.
Dr Rick Leah, a leading eco-toxicologist at Liverpool University, said, 'We've been investigating this problem for some years now, and it does indeed seem that most male fish in the estuary show signs of feminisation in the proteins in their blood.
But the State of the Seas study by the environment department shows hormone levels in the Mersey are causing feminisation of male fish.
She has already begun treatment with the hormones oestrogen and progestogen to prevent menstruation and feminisation of her body.
Les tentatives de feminisation des noms des titres et fonctions et de desexisation du discours qui se poursuivent dans la Francophonie sont toutes determinees par les possibilites morpho-syntaxiques qu'offre le systeme de la langue francaise.
Ce passage a donna lieu un processus de feminisation de l'immigration; en 1990, notent les acteurs sociaux, un immigre sur quatre est une femme.
Further investigations were urged, amid concern that the chemicals could cause falling human sperm levels, female infertility, cancer and feminisation of male gulls and fish.
Also, Jan's public lecture, Towards a Feminisation of the Professions', given at the University of Tasmania on October 6, 1995, may be of interest to WIWE readers.
The theme of the book (and, in Hansen's view, of Chaucer's poetry) is thus 'the feminisation of men', manifesting itself everywhere and often in the oddest of ways.
The notion of feminisation of a profession signifies a variety of meanings.
As a former amateur boxer with a set of tough, old school trainers, I've long been concerned about the increasing feminisation of our footballers.
Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland president Susie Hall said the Government should act to stop the increasing feminisation of the profession.
This is problematic because research has emerged that women have experienced globalisation negatively, There is increased feminisation of poverty.