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Antonyms for hypercatalectic

(prosody) a line of poetry having an extra syllable or syllables at the end of the last metrical foot

(verse) having an extra syllable or syllables at the end of a metrically complete verse or in a metrical foot

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Because of this, learners may have problems delimiting the precise class of nouns to which the feminine endings apply.
In Lazarnon Brut B lack of historical gender congruence is at times observed in the forms with the strong dative singular feminine ending /re/.
359: the correct lemma for [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "date-palm" is [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], since this noun is feminine and displays the feminine ending only in the singular as in [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "fig," [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "year.
Form and Meaning in Persian Vocabulary: The Arabic Feminine Ending.
Head engages the significant dialogue about music and gender that has been ongoing in musicology since the early 1990s (marked by Susan McClary's Feminine Endings [Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1991], which Head appropriately recognizes as "groundbreaking," p.
Thus, for example, nearly eighty per cent of the words in prose in Dante's Vita Nuova contain feminine endings, and this holds similarly for the accentuation of modern Italian.
A normal reader cannot take in the instances of the do auxiliary and other unobtrusive function words, or feminine endings, or even certain spellings (which he will not see in a modernized edition).
Among his considerations are disciplining the fool, dress codes, tragic maids, Globe-to-Globe, academics versus practitioners, and feminine endings.
The only two drawbacks to this conclusion--his masculine "real" name and the fact that he apparently never betrays himself by using feminine endings to past-tense verbs--can easily be dismissed as authorial oversight or deliberate mystification.
In the middle, Berry's Shakespeare's Feminine Endings alternates between intriguing, nuanced historical reconstruction and laughable Freudian free association.
Philippa Berry's Shakespeare's Feminine Endings, by contrast, is aimed at a much narrower audience of fellow literary critics.
The significant critical achievement of Shakespeare's Feminine Endings is to track down from a feminist perspective the implications and weblike linkages of interlingual puns and wordplay in Shakespeare's tragedies.
It 'had more feminine endings and was much lighter.
2) Among major responses were some influential books: Susan McClary's Feminine Endings and Lawrence Kramer's Music as Cultural Practice.
presents the controversy surrounding Susan McClary's Feminine Endings and feminist musicology in the United States.