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a person's sister

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Effect of Mentally Retarded Children on their Non Retarded Female Siblings (12-18 years).
Males often wished they played more with the young person with ASD while growing up and mentioned aggressive behaviors, whereas female siblings focused on relationship and communication difficulties.
In this case, 25 A was not likely subordinate to his much less well developed female sibling, nor was food apparently in short supply, given the food caching behavior by 62 E that we observed.
The participants reported on 53 male siblings and 66 female siblings (for unknown reasons, participants failed to report the sex of five siblings) whose ages ranged from 16 to 73 years (M = 33.
One female sibling shared, "When we're playing with her or holding her, we try to incorporate physical therapy methods, and when she was young, we had to be extra careful of her shunt area, back, and neck.
Second, having a female sibling does not affect rape attitudes or empathy towards rape survivors.
An excellent illustration of sibling closeness is revealed by the older 30year-old female sibling whose sister experienced a severe burn injury, "We are just really close.
Furthermore, female siblings use relational maintenance behaviors at a higher rate than male siblings (Myers & Members of COM 200) and female-female sibling dyads generally use relational maintenance behaviors at a higher rate than male-male sibling dyads or cross-sex sibling dyads (Mikkelson, 2006b; Myers & Members of COM 200).
Prof Tony Cassidy, from the University of Ulster, who carried out the study, said that having a female sibling helped promote good mental health.
His 3-year-old female sibling was affected by the same disorder of generalised acquired hyperpigmentation.
Months prior, it was revealed that Josh had molested several of his female siblings as a teen.
While I may find this antiquated, I respect tradition-as long as the female siblings do not resent this arrangement.
We hereby describe two female siblings of ACD belonging to tribal groups with no systemic involvement.
They were raised by their mothers and they probably also shared responsibilities with their female siblings and family members.