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Oestrogens are the female sex hormones, but they are produced in males too and have important roles for both genders.
It begins when the ovaries stop producing the female sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone.
This column reported earlier (July-August 2005) on a study which showed that gay men respond to male and female sex hormones more like straight women than like straight men.
Female sex hormones at the onset of systemic lupus erythematosus affect survival.
In this issue, you will learn the importance of balancing estrogens, as well as other female sex hormones.
Ingestion of androstenedione therefore can raise levels of both male and female sex hormones.
Researchers have known for years that the condition relates in some way to female sex hormones, but they have also shown that it is not a simple matter of the women having too much estrogen or progesterone, she said.
Female sex hormones apparently play a role in causing canker sores.
Men suffer significantly more heart disease than women and many say this can be partly explained by naturally high levels of testosterone in men and that women are protected by female sex hormones.
Female sex hormones and pharmaceutical compounds function by affecting the three-dimensional arrangement structure of the receptor.
The diet contains chemicals that mimic female sex hormones such as estrogen.
The study did not draw conclusions from the survey findings, saying the high levels of vitellogenin could have resulted from sources other than endocrine disrupters, such as female sex hormones from humans and livestock, or plant hormones from animal feed.
The capsules also secreted progesterone as well as inhibin and activin, two hormones that interact with the pituitary and hypothalamus and are important to the body's natural system to regulate the production of female sex hormones.
The Allies secretly schemed to put female sex hormones into his food in a bid to curb his aggressive impulses.
Female sex hormones sensitize women to differences in babies' cuteness and may encourage mothers to bond with their babies, propose Reiner Sprengelmeyer of the University of St.