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Synonyms for egg

get or have or be left with or end up with egg on your face


  • be humiliated
  • be embarrassed
  • be crushed
  • be put down
  • be shamed
  • look foolish
  • be taken down a peg
  • be put in your place

Synonyms for egg

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Evening the odds Female flower parts may be able to influence their mix of suitors by delaying the starting gun that sends pollen racing toward female sex cells.
Larvae result when a pink-colored egg, or female sex cell, from a coral is fertilized (fused) by a male sex cell, or sperm, of the same species.
These two sperm cells are housed within pollen grains, which act as a vehicle to deliver the sperm cells to the female sex cells within a flower.
The conclusions drawn from these studies were that testis-ova were formed during the process of spermatogenesis and arose as a consequence of the transformation of spermatogonia B into female sex cells (oocytes) (Shibata and Hamaguchi 1988).