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Synonyms for organ

Synonyms for organ

a component of government that performs a given function

that by which something is accomplished or some end achieved

Synonyms for organ

a government agency or instrument devoted to the performance of some specific function

(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

a periodical that is published by a special interest group

wind instrument whose sound is produced by means of pipes arranged in sets supplied with air from a bellows and controlled from a large complex musical keyboard

a free-reed instrument in which air is forced through the reeds by bellows

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Behavioral responses to natural eggs were compared with responses to artificial egg capsules coated with extracts (4) from one of four female reproductive organs or glands: ovary, oviducal gland, nidamental gland, or accessory nidamental gland.
This meant that the animal had both the male as well as the female reproductive organs.
Gynaecological cancers encompass a diverse group of tumours originating in the female reproductive organs the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and the ovaries.
The rationale of current study is to observe the effects of lead acetate on female reproductive organs and the protective role of garlic extract.
Gynecologists offer women advice on how to decide whether or not to have a hysterectomy, covering the female reproductive organs, what can go wrong, surgery, and after hysterectomy.
Though limited by the retrospective nature of the study and the fact that the data didn't differentiate between types of bariatric surgery, the findings are notable, because about 50,000 women were diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2013, making it the most common cancer affecting female reproductive organs.
There are comparatively few studies that combine detailed morphological data of the female reproductive organs with discussion of their homologous structures (Blauvelt, 1936; Gering, 1953; Wiehle, 1967; Baum, 1972; Sierwald, 1989).
Cervical cancer is cancer that occurs in the cervical or neck of the uterus, an area on the female reproductive organs, which is the entrance to the uterus, it lies between the womb (uterus) and liang or vaginal intercourse.
He changed all his legal paperwork to reflect his transition from female to male, but he retained his female reproductive organs and bore three children during his marriage to Nancy; he had stopped taking testosterone around 2006 in order become pregnant, as Nancy had had a hysterectomy.
Comparison of female reproductive organs morphology between fertile and infertile women with polycystic ovaries .
The company also produces the FertiloScope, an instrument which allows clinicians to carry out early diagnosis and correction of physical abnormalities of the female reproductive organs in an outpatient procedure.
Thomas Beatie was born a woman and underwent a sex change but retained female reproductive organs and gave birth to three children.
The initial clinical report suggests Pinki's gender is ambiguous as she has both male and female reproductive organs.
Hormone treatment ensures that while Beatie is able to grow a beard and looks male, she still has female reproductive organs.
Abu Dhabi A two-year-old boy who was born with internal female reproductive organs recently underwent a successful surgery in the capital to have the organs removed.