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How about "Milk Coloured Female Person and the Seven Persons Of Restricted Growth"?
I can't see how this female person has earned anything from the people of the United Kingdom.
Comparing perceived sex role orientations of the ideal male and female athlete to the ideal male and female person.
This largely ignored text, she argues, has "the potential to redefine Jesus' and God's activity in imagery, asserting that the female person in her body may, does, and must image God" (96).
But it can also render them inhibited because they are not involved with a real female person who has needs and feelings of her own and limits as to what she will do, unlike females in porn movies who never say no.
Nearby is a female person of royal heritage, but she's as sound asleep as everyone else and his ardent kisses do nothing.
1) Every person who induces an abortion on a female person is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years, unless the abortion is induced by or under the direction of a medical practitioner who is of the opinion that, if the abortion were not induced, the health or life of the female person would be likely to be threatened.
In sum, an adult male accused person sought to challenge the validity of a prosecution for indecent assault of a female child on the basis that, back at the relevant time, the difference in maximum penalty for indecent assault of a female person was 5 years and the maximum penalty for indecent assault of a male person was 10 years.
A female person is a watered down variant of the male.
I rather think of her as a female person with a scythe in her hand.
1) This precedent-setting decision changed the Canadian legal definition of the female person under the British North America Act and became known as the Persons Case.
If calling a female person a babe, totty, cutie, doll, chick, bird etc is offensive they have wiped out 95 per cent of Wayne's vocabulary.
But in showing the real person they needed to show a female person, and they do.
1 Female person (5) 2 Belonging to me (2) 3 Well-behaved (4).
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