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a woman who has given birth to a child (also used as a term of address to your mother)

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Three-way cross hybrid Shaktiman-1 was distinguishable from single cross female parent (CML142 x CML150) by the presence of a band having Rm value of 0.
AFLP fragments that were present exclusively in the male parent were given the prefix M, while those present only in the female parent were given the prefix F, and those fragments appearing in both parents were given the prefix MF.
single cross hybrids, assuming that in the three-way hybrids the single cross female parent seeds will have better physiological attributes than those produced by the pure female line.
Ten Measures of Parentage Permissiveness 1 Assisted Conception: Female Partner 2 Assisted Conception: More Than Two Parents 3 Surrogacy: Heterosexual Parents 4 Surrogacy: Two Female Parents 5 Surrogacy: Two Male Parents 6 Surrogacy: Single Female Parent 7 Surrogacy: Single Male Parent 8 Surrogacy: No Genetic Relation Requirement 9 Gestational Surrogacy as Contract 10 Traditional Surrogacy as Contract Table 2.
Out of six cultivars five were produced when CP 68-1067 was used as a female parent and one (CP 80-1743) when used as male parent.
For to ponder Y--meaning masculinity, meaning gender, meaning psychology, meaning genes, meaning the female parent of a male son--means unraveling a motherhood that came "to me late in life" and a child "born into" her "forty-five years" as she says in her previous collection The Resurrection Trade.
Both partners understand the difficulties their children might face being raised without a female parent.
According to the father-promotion crusaders, sons are especially in need of a male parent because a male parent can show them "how to be a man"--something a female parent cannot do.
A female parent said: "I'm thinking of giving my children home schooling.
The purportedly resistant cabbage was provided by Syngenta Seeds (Basel, CH), identified as 'White' and was developed as a cytoplasmic male sterile hybrid whose female parent was 'Izalco' and whose male parent was derived from a triple-cross.
1] hybrids shared a maximum number of bands with the female parent compared to the male parent.
maxima were similar to the female parent, which indicated that the F1 in both crosses may be gynogens (Jiang et al.
Buckley then described pushing himself out the car doorwell as a female parent intervened, telling him to calm down.
The parents of this chick were siblings, and the female parent was the same as for the chick in case 1.
Naven regretted answering "mother" for the question "What m is a female parent and is silent?