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a woman who has given birth to a child (also used as a term of address to your mother)

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Laboratory, greenhouse and outdoors studies indicated that a cabbage provided by Syngenta Seeds (Basel, CH), identified as 'White' which was developed as a cytoplasmic male sterile hybrid whose female parent was 'Izalco' and whose male parent was derived from a triple-cross, was highly resistant to P.
discus discus cross were not intermediate, but were more similar to the female parent.
Interestingly, in the first case, the behavior of the female parent was thought to have been learned from the male parent during the previous breeding event 2 years previously, when the sibling chick (case 2) was produced.
18] X chromosomes plus a Y (Figure 5) arise from NDJ of the X in the female parent to produce an (n+1) oocyte that fuses with a normal Y-bearing sperm (Figure 7A).
The crosses were made involving suspected male sterile plant as female parent and other varieties (Arka Kirtiman,Arka Pitambar, Udaipur 102, Pusa White Round, Pusa White Flat, Punjab White, Gujarat Local, Phule Safed) as male parent.
Their principal, though not exclusive, focus is on assistance to households headed by a single female parent.
Generation of offspring depends on the distance among the female parent and the other parents involved in the recombination operation, the male parents [5].
The female parent was the respondent in 86% of the parental surveys.
First of all, if the child has not noticed the absence of a female parent before the age of 10, I would suggest testing for mental capacity.
The psychotherapist is in a primary position to mirror back the need for father to the patient, to help the patient transcend his/her defenses against the importance of the father, and to find his/her way back home to an inner self located in the meaning of being the child of a particular male and female parent.
The scope of this study focuses exclusively on the opinions of male noncustodial fathers and female custodial mothers, although it should be noted that parental custody in our society is not always restricted to a female parent.
The CMS inbred line is used as the female parent to produce commercial hybrids.
Such treatments, applied to parent seed before planting, have potential commercial value for the synchronization of male parent flowering with female parent receptivity in hybrid-seed production fields.