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As with the rumors of the Queen's sexual indiscretions, these impostors for Levin are further evidence of the unsettling cultural effect of being ruled by a female monarch, but unlike the rumors, some of these impostors were moved by their anxieties to take action.
However, he supported the idea of a limited authority of a female monarch and imagined her to be modest, wearing simple dresses, heeding male advice and, naturally, married (Levin 1994: 12).
THIS country has always thrived under a female monarch.
The crux behind the book's argument is that having a female monarch on the throne post 1688 encouraged the 'development of the communicative practices necessary to the public sphere' (p.
The claim of Matilda, Henry I's daughter, to inherit the throne on his death in 1135 had resulted not in the reign of England's first female monarch but in 18 years of civil war, 'when Christ and his saints slept; as Matilda's supporters battled with those of Henry's nephew, Stephen of Blois.
In the first chapter, Ephraim examines the figure of the female monarch in the 1561 interlude, The Godly Queens Hater.
As stated in her introduction, Richards hopes her work will "re-assess conventional attitudes to Mary Tudor" and call into question whether or not England's first true female monarch "deserved the reputation she has borne through the ages" (p.
Female monarch butterflies lay ridged, spherical eggs on the underside of milkweed leaves.
This leads one to consider the possibility that the females are better navigators and could possibly increase the chance of a female monarch reaching its destination and reproducing, thus helping to perpetuate the species.
When one recalls that Ralegh was exploring and making claims as a male in the name of a female monarch, the relationships between explorer, monarch and New world become more complicated.
A female monarch required these authors to reformulate their relationship to authority, particularly the authority of literary traditions.
We have a female monarch and why not female choristers?
The female Monarch, wisely enough, lays her eggs on the underside of the milkweed when journeying north.
Rejecting Spenserian romance not only for the well-known dangers of the genre per se, but also as the celebration of a female monarch who fashioned her court on the model of Arthurian romance, Milton evokes (and rejects) that celebration in Satan's ravishing address to Eve as "Goddess among Gods.
41) The other additions Foxe made to the 1570 edition -- an expanded account of Askew's courage at the stake and an expanded account of her racking, which showed the utter lawlessness and cruelty of the Catholics when the monarch did not hold them in check -- underscored his use of the female martyr to exhort the female monarch to ensure the triumph of the gospel.