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As with the rumors of the Queen's sexual indiscretions, these impostors for Levin are further evidence of the unsettling cultural effect of being ruled by a female monarch, but unlike the rumors, some of these impostors were moved by their anxieties to take action.
However, he supported the idea of a limited authority of a female monarch and imagined her to be modest, wearing simple dresses, heeding male advice and, naturally, married (Levin 1994: 12).
The interaction plots, together with the raw ppm data, show that: 1) on average, black swallowtails as a species have higher iron concentrations than monarchs with the black swallowtails males exhibiting the majority of the difference; 2) on average, female monarchs have higher iron concentrations in their heads than male monarchs; and 3) on average, male black swallowtails have higher iron concentrations in their heads than female black swallowtails.
41) The other additions Foxe made to the 1570 edition -- an expanded account of Askew's courage at the stake and an expanded account of her racking, which showed the utter lawlessness and cruelty of the Catholics when the monarch did not hold them in check -- underscored his use of the female martyr to exhort the female monarch to ensure the triumph of the gospel.
This distinction may well have arisen from the assumption that a queen would be overshadowed by her king, a belief we presumably discarded before deciding we no longer have any preference between a male and a female monarch.
The poem thus inverts the actual power relations between the two as well as serving to remind Elizabeth of the cognitive dissonance surrounding a powerful female monarch ruling "a stratified society in which authority is everywhere invested in men -- everywhere, that is, except at the top.
In the event a female monarch is to be enthroned, the British daily said the issues of how to find a royal husband and whether the change would mean an expanded number of royal members who would require financial support from the national government are needed to be solved.
Swedish-born Queen Mother Ingrid, who gave birth to Denmark's first female monarch in five centuries and was widely respected for her casual, forthright style, died yesterday, aged 90.
Named after the last female monarch, it features a multi-coloured bust of the late Royal on the bar.
I was telling everyone I did the rehearsal the other day and my knees started tapping quite nervously" Prince William on his forthcoming wedding "If the Speaker had a sense of humour he would have come and pretended to be a lookalike" Labour MP Stephen Pound on John Bercow's absence from the launch of a new book about the Speaker "If Ann Widdecombe wants to get upset about this, she might as well get upset about looking at saliva" Professor Robert Winston, above, on Miss Widdecombe's complaint about boys being asked by him during a TV programme to produce sperm samples "For 123 of the last 174 years we've had a female monarch.
A comic ballad was composed early in her reign in 1837, entitled Petticoats is Master, which warned British men of the threat posed by a female monarch to their liberties and suggested that women might even get together to pass laws restricting access to alcohol.
Curiously absent from many of these discussions, however, is the woman who was perhaps early-modern Europe's first female monarch, Isabel of Castile (who ruled from 1474 until 1504).
We talked about trying to create an image that would somehow, to an audience, create the sense of awe, and wonder, and shock that the troops must have felt that their monarch - and a female monarch - went to the frontline of battle and was prepared to lay down her life," says Blanchett.